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A few thoughts I would like to share with Hallmark executives:

I have always been a big Hallmark fan until the last 5 years or so. The programming has changed so much that I find my age group is often neglected and I am willing to bet that a very significant percentage of viewers who watch your 3 channels are actually women in their 50's and 60's.

The problem is most of the programming offered on your channels is actually geared towards women in their 30's (who really don't have time to watch) or in their 70's+(who are retired and bored). I love a pretty face as much as anyone and have appreciated the likes of Ryan Paevey, Wes Brown, Paul Greene, Jesse MetCalf, Candance Cameron- Bure', Lacey Chabert, Kellie Martin etc..., but Ugh.

Shows like Golden Girls and Diagnosis Murder are just fine for some but, I am not ready for convalescence just yet. I am a hard-working teacher, in my early 50's, divorced for a very long time with grown children, and have some free time on my hands. When I watch tv to escape my mundane lifestyle, I want to see shows and movies that I can actually relate to with more actors and actresses in their 50's and 60's.

I love Chesapeake Shores by the way-mostly because of Treat Williams and Barbara Niven. This is literally all you have for someone like me, aside from When Calls the Heart. With the exception of a very small handful of actors and actresses in their 50's who are actually working on your network like, Lori Laughlin, James Denton, Kevin Sorbo(to name a few), I am wondering what ever happened to people like Joe Penny, Dale Kidkiff, John Schneider, Jason Gedrick, Andy McDowell, Lea Thompson, Etc...? Are they all choosing not to take work on Hallmark or do those of you in charge of programming think they are no longer appealing to your audience? I can tell you for certain that a lot of women viewers, especially in my age bracket, want to see these actors and more like them in decent, relatable stories.

Coming from a viewer who has watched way too many hours of your programming over the years and contemplating jumping ship soon, it would be amazing to see more mature actors and more diverse cultures represented in your movies and shows. Totally under-represented.

Also, please let go of the "Christmas movies the entire month of July" thing. Ugh. Many xmas movies are just repeat story lines and lack heart and substance. Finding love in 10 days or less has been the overriding theme in most of the holiday movies the past few years. Ugh again. It may have worked the at one time, but now it is considered to be way too much of a good(really bad) thing. Quality over quantity always works best!

Viewers like me think it is time to refocus and change up a bit. Get more real.
Thank you for your consideration.

Jul 30, 2018

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