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They delivered my order really fast from BUENOS AIRES SALTA SALTA ARGENTINA through DHL. Inside the package, they wrapped bundles of wavy hair together and bundles of straight hair wrapped together. The straight hair was just synthetic hair looking and inside the wavy hair bundles they twisted straight hair bundles. I ordered $1000 worth of hair and it was not worth a dime! Please order Brazilian hair somewhere else. When I contacted them: the manager told me that HAIR DOES NOT GROW ON TREES. THEY DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH WAVY HAIR SO THEY COMPLETED WITH STRAIGHT HAIR. The wavy hair would not get wavy with water neither. Do not be fooled by the pictures!
I just made some searches too:
1/Brazil (Portuguese: Brazil), officially the Federative Republic of Brazil [7] (Portuguese: Republican Federative do Brazil) listen (help info), is the largest country and the only Portuguese-speaking country in South America
1/Argentina, the Argentine Republic (Spanish: Republican Argentina, pronounced [reˈpuβlika aɾxenˈtina]), is the second largest country in South America, constituted as a federation of 23 provinces and an autonomous city, Buenos Aires
So Argentina is not Brazil and CANNOT SELL BRAZILIAN HAIR!!!

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  • To
      5th of Feb, 2010

    I ordered my hair about 307 dollars... thay havent sent a shiping order to me since last week sunday.
    I cant understand them... Pls does it take this long before they usually send a shipping order, , , i am so disappointed. This lady said the hair is synthetic... is just so discouraging... i need reply

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  • Ha
      6th of Apr, 2010

    you can be 100% sure that the hair you will recieve is virgin and best quality TOYAN
    i was so mad to read the complain of that strange women that want to teach you geography. if she really ment to what she wrote, she does not understand anything about hair. if she tought that the hair was synthetic, i can guess that she couldn't believe that this beautifulvirgin hair was real. she probably thout to herself "it's too good to be true".

    we have many clients all over the world and they are all very happy with our virgin hair.

    i know that in this business you have to be carefull as many merchants are not someone you can trust and that is the reason that we stopped years ago to buy hair from others and concentrating in colecting argentinean and brasilian hair. only virgin.

    i hope that after getting the hair from us, you will add your positive comment and help up by that to show your sutisfaction.
    you will see within the time that we are the best company in the market for real virgin south american hair by far. that nonesense of synthetic hair made me so angry as we don't have any of it and we never had. we are well known for years and we will not risk our good name with such a stupid act as sending [censored] hair.
    you are invited to visit us in argentina. once you will be here, you will understand it all. the hotel cost will be on us. best regards
    o. keren - marketing manager.

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  • Ha
      6th of Apr, 2010

    and something more about us (hairargentina).
    we are the biggest supplier in the region and that means the the hair we collect directly from women (first hand) is being collected in argentina and brazil (we have border with brazil). as i notice, there was a geography lesson added to the complain. that lady looked in wikipedia to learn about brazil and argentina and never thout about the fact that we are neighbors, just like russia and ukraine.
    brasilians are looking for hair in argentina and argentineans in brazil.

    by the way. it's much safer to buy virgin south american hair from us than from any other company in brazil, as Brazil is the largenst buyer of Indian hair in the world. so if you lady want indian hair, you can buy it directly from india. we, hairargentina guarantee you only virgin south american hair.
    (anyway, i am sur that you can find also trustable companies in brazil)

    yes, i am mad. you can notice easily. it is the first complain ever and we are not use to here such nonsense.
    that thing of synthetic hair is the most ridiculous thing we ever heard from a client. we don't have a single thread of that thing.
    o. keren

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  • Is
      6th of Apr, 2010

    To whom it may concern,

    It's being a while since I known Mr. Oded Keren and his company as a reliable and honest business man. His hair is intact and very rare, unlike many companies stated they have good and quality hair which they don't. It's very hard to find a reliable supplier with great service and with that kind of level for good hair. It's almost rare to find this both qualities. Therefore to read this kind of accusation against Argentina hair is annoying and not true. I wish in this field there were few more like Mr. Oded and his company "Argentina Hair".

    Kind Regards,

    A very satisfied client

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  • Is
      6th of Apr, 2010

    Apologize for the mistake I meant Hair Argentina :)

    Kind Regards,

    I. Schendel

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  • Ma
      6th of Apr, 2010

    To hair Argentina.

    1/ BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE: RUDE PEOPLE and you can see that they can even insult customers!
    your hair do not hold a single curl.

    2/ MY MISTAKE was to place a large order at once. tHE WEBSITE AND PICTURES WHERE BEAUTIFUL.
    3/ if you wanted the issue solve without posting online, we could have .
    4/ my guess, you sent low grade hair to fill the order
    If you are mad, have a meeting with youe employees to avoid this in the futre. I have better to do than posting things online
    5/ To all customers. My experience might be unique but I think that It is better to know than not. I waisted over $1000.00 + my time who should be MAD?
    Just something to watch for.

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  • Ma
      6th of Apr, 2010

    Also the U.S manager apologized and promissed to send more wavy as it was not enough to make 8 oz per lenght since november where is it? Please Manager respond to the statements of your collegues and I am just trying to get what i oay for otherwise, I could just go for a beauty supply hair . AGAIN I HAVE BETTER FISH TO FRY THAN WRITTING HERE. I AM STANDING STRONG BY MY STATEMENTS BECAUSE IF YOU HAD THE BEST HAIR I WOULD BE PRAISING YOU RIGHT NOW

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  • La
      14th of Jun, 2010

    I am a very small business, but I buy all of my hair from Oded Keren (HairArgentina)

    The most I have ordered has been $800 worth, however the hair is FANTASTIC, I use it myself, and it is superior to the majority of hair on the market that can be 10 times the price of this hair!!!

    Admittedly sometimes the order can take a little while to process but this has only been on a couple of occassions, and it is true that hair does NOT grow on trees, sometimes they may be low on stock, its something you have to cope with and get over.

    All of my clients are overjoyed with this hair, as am I. With virgin hair however obviously every batch is different as it all comes from different heads, some will hold a curl better than others.

    HairArgentina you get 100% trust from me.

    Lara Valseca King

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  • El
      18th of Jun, 2010

    now im bothered im looking to buy hair from dis company and im in africa if something goes wrong how do i sort it out ? i like d pics on d site n i hope to ... its good hair n wavy south american hair

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  • Ta
      31st of Jul, 2010

    I have bin a customer of Orianna (hair Argentina) for a year now, the hair i must say is the best so far, though they sometimes delay which can be annoying and irritating they do sell great south american hair.

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  • Ja
      14th of Oct, 2010

    I must say I like some of the hair but do not order machine weft wavy hair because it is steam curled or permed in which it's no longer virgin and your customers will complain like mine. I love the straight hair and the customer service sucks. They will tell you that they will call you back and never do. I have been hung up on numerous times and had to call from a different number in order to get them to answer the phone. Don't deal with orianna because I called before about my missing order and she said she would call back and never did and when I tried to keep calling and finally got a hold of her she had left early. Some one please help me find a different company for brazilian hair

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  • Na
      16th of Nov, 2010

    I have actually been buying hair from these people for two years now, i must say they sell quality hair although sometimes i have issues with the hair they send to me especially the short lengths but i complained and all that stopped. sometimes they send straight with wavy and wavy with straight but i am already used to them and when i order i clearly state what i want and keep reminding them. i don't really blame them because to have a lot of client, however i do suggest that they employ more staff to avoid unnecessary delays, and they should stop increasing their prices every other month. that being said the have the best quality of hair i have ever gotten so far and believe i have gotten hair from a lot of different countries.

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  • Zy
      7th of Apr, 2011

    I have been a customer to hair Argentina and have never received bad hair they do offer great hair but I must agree with another post about customer service it will probably take u a week to place a order because they will hang up on u never return your call u have to call 10 times befor u can reach someone to the owner dont get upset just fix the problem because u have the best hair isn't just cause for poor customer service

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  • Le
      30th of Apr, 2011

    I will agree the customer service is terrible. the hair is very poor quality and it takes them forever to send the hair. and what annoys me is that they will not be honest and tell you that they havent posted your hair. they keep lying and wont even respect you enough to respond to your emails. i wonder how they are still in bussiness.

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  • Di
      12th of Dec, 2011

    I totally disagree with any negative comment concerning hair argentina. I have been buying hair from Hair Argentina since 2009 from Nigeria and have never had any cause to complain, I have had customers who say the hair is expensive but will come back months later to buy even more because of the quality of the hair.
    So I think it is just simply unfair to de-market Oded and his team in this manner. It is untrue that they sell bad quality hair.
    And moreover, their customer service is impeccable, I have an account officer (Orianna) who is very good at what she does and I know Antonella attend swiftly too to my friends and sisters that I introduced to the company and there is a Yuval that is equally wonderful.
    So please I will implore all you prospects to disregard any negative comment here and try the company yourself, I am sure a trial will convince you.

    Thank you, Edith from Nigeria.

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  • So
      29th of Jan, 2012

    i tried them once, and they send thick chinese hair, virgin hair yes, but 100% chinese, sold 5 times the chinese virgin hair you can buy in China ! badly cut and sewn !! avoid them !

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  • Xo
      10th of Mar, 2012

    Hairargentina your reply was very rude and unprofessional! I will not order from you as the customer service is horrible! You have someone that sent you a lrge amount of money and is not pleased with the product, instead of judging your customers character you should do whatever possible to make the happy! Offer them to send the hair back for a better batch...I will make to advise anyone I know NOT to order from you!

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  • Il
      21st of May, 2012

    I have been a client of Hair Argentina since 2008! I have met Oded Karen in person in London and can only compliment him
    And his staff(especially Orianna) .
    The hair is the best I have used! And our company deals with hair from all over:Russia, Italy, Spain, Moldovia and Peru.but the hair from Hair Argentina is loved by all.

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  • Ke
      1st of Jun, 2012
    Hair Argentina - Love the hair
    Hair Argentina
    United States

    I have been using this hair for two years now. It is by far some of the BEST hair available. I import form all around the world, but this is my favorite. Not sure who is complaining. My guess would be they are not very experienced in hair.

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  • Eb
      6th of Jun, 2012

    I read this comment and have been wondering if its the same hair Argentina i know. I have been patronizing them since 2009 and do not regret it. Josefina was my sales person back then and now Antonela and they've been great! Given, they have limitations especially during peak seasons but they try their best and are always cordial to me, but when they're really busy and don't get back to me as promised, i get in touch because I'm ready to wait a while for quality. And speaking of quality, that has never been compromised by them...the hair i got 3yrs ago is still in top shape so i totally disagree with anyone that says they sell fake hair. That's an unfair statement to make. I had to start selling when people would stop me on the street to know how they can get the hair as well as my friends that would always want to yank the hair off me whenever i use it. Sometimes i head to the saloon to make my hair and come back the same because another customer pleads and buys the hair off me. I have spent a lot of money buying hair from hair Argentina and I'm not prepared to stop...

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  • Di
      14th of Jan, 2013

    hair argentina is a fraud. i have been buying from them for 4 years and they sometines send bad weft hair. last year more than half my order was bad as weft was really horrible and the hair was shedding terribly. i cant do anything with the hair so they made me lose out on business. I couldnt make any money so cant order again as i lost my capital. I called Orianna every other day for 6 months and sent emails with the pictures. She kept promising to replace it. she even sent me tracking numbers that she had sent replacement which turned out be FAKE. Why i was annoyed was ALL THE LYING. I HATE LIES. ORIANNA YOU HAVENT HEARD THE LAST FROM ME. You know who i am. BUYERS BEWARE AS THEY WILL SPOIL YOUR market.

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  • Uk
      31st of Jul, 2013

    All these comments have really got me confused. Its not like the hair prices are cheap so as to take the gamble. I am a hair business owner but not yet big enough to throw away any pound.
    What do you guys think about payment through paypal? maybe there can be a little hope through paypal payment.

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  • Ad
      27th of Dec, 2013

    i think the hair is splendid and beautiful, i live in nigeria and once i bought 30 inches hair that tangled badly after i dyed it and contacted ANTONELLA and she sent me a replacement within 5 days. i dyed that hair as well and it came out perfect. that incident was in 2011 and i sitll have that weave. I've bought hair bought hair severally after that and got it in time and in ship shape. moved to italy and ordered and the hair BUT ANTONELLA was on holiday so i had to deal with ORIANNA. she's a lot different from ANTONELLA. i think maybe antonella has been there longer so has grown a thicker hide which makes it easier to deal with customers and be a lot faster. orianna did not really know the customs laws in italy so i didn't receive my package for over a month and a half, contacted them and the package had apparently been sent back so antonella took it up and resent it, offered me a refund severally and orianna sent an extra bundle for my patience.

    i believe that your approach matters as they are dealing with a ton of people everyday and we all know how difficult some people are. also there is a time difference and they must have a ton of customers cause i have random friends in nigeria that buy hair from the same site and only found out because we had talked about something funny and then realised we had the same suppliers.

    yes sometimes you do not get the curls you want or the colour or even texture but i guarantee that they are authentic and sell 100 percent hair which is why they are not the same texture as the hair does not come from the same persons head and can never be the same thing and as they do not machine curl, it is difficult to get the curls you want.

    i usually just order straight as the hair is so silky and beautiful anyway but on the rare occasion that i wanted curly, antonella explained the exact curls they had, sent pictures, and or simply explained that they didn't have the one i wanted and would ask for me to wait a bit till the found the colour and curl i wanted.

    i wont lie to you, i love them... they a fast and i actually love their service ...

    but like every company they make mistakes and will respond to your manner of approach... i find that when i cannot reach anyone by email i simply wait for their opening time (i actually have argentina on my iphone clock and hair argentina on speed dial). im not saying its ideal but imagine having 300 messages everyday with different complaints and having to deal with buying, manufacturing and selling, they are bound to be a little short with costumers sometimes, they are so much nicer when you call.

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  • Co
      17th of Mar, 2014

    I feel a little apprehensive about writing this review; however, you can guarantee that this is my complete and honest review. I am a US customer and placed an order with Hair Argentina twice. I can honestly say that I liked and disliked the hair. What I do like about Hair Argentina is the fact that they take Paypal, and shipping was extremely fast. When I placed both orders, the hair arrived in maybe 2-3 days. Yuval was my customer service rep and he was AWESOME!!! I was shorted a few grams with my first order, I told Yuval and he made sure I had some extra hair when I placed my second order. However; he left the company.

    About the hair... okay this is where I am conflicted. I can honestly say that the hair itself is very nice. I wash my natural hair once a week so I followed the same regimen with Hair Arentina's hair and the "strands" were always easy to comb, no frayed ends, etc.

    What I disliked, the shedding! Yes, the shedding was really bad. But the hair was so thick that you really could not see the loss. I am not talking about 2-3 strands, it was several strands, all the time. But the dissatisfaction really stemmed from (and why I have decided not to purchase from them again) the beards at the weft. They choose (well at least for my two orders) not to cut the beards so when I washed my hair, the hair would tangle soooooo badddddddddd. Particularly at the wefts, but the beard strands would tangle and get caught in the wefts and also my natural hair; this resulted in extreme matting and tangling (only at the wefts). It was a nightmare trying to untangle the hair. Once the hair was untangled, the strands were straight but I was still left with parts of my hair matted at the wefts. I tried to give them another chance which is why I purchased the second time and Yuval was so excellent with his customer service but after the second instance I decided that I would not waste any more money because the hair was unusable and I had to end up throwing it all away.

    So in summary, if you want nice hair and you can handle the shedding and you do not plan on ever washing this hair while wearing it, than I would go for it.

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  • Tt
      4th of Dec, 2014


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  • Tt
      4th of Dec, 2014


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  • An
      15th of Jul, 2016

    I have been buying hair from this company for over 8 years now and have had no problem at all. I resell the hair and I use them, I am just about to buy new hair again.

    Great HAIR
    Great Service

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  • Sa
      10th of Aug, 2016


    je suis de France, je n'ai pas commandé chez eux, pour la simple raison que je trouve que des personnes qui se disent être professionnelles, mais qui ne répondent pas aux mails, ou par une simple réponse comme " venez en Argentine voir les cheveux" je trouve ça choquant, pas pro du tout.
    Je me demande comment ils tiennent, ils ne savent pas travailler comme la Chine et ne respectent pas les clients.
    Sur leur site internet, bien sur le cheveu parait très bien, mais comme je leur ai dit ce ne sont que des photos, ils n'envoient pas d'échantillons, ils n'ont pas de chart de couleur, pas de chart de texture, pas de charte de densité, ni de photos de leur perruques.
    Un site qui n'est pas du tout complet ou pro, et en plus ils ne répondent pas quand je demande des choses, comme voulez-vous travailler avec eux? impossible...

    I'm in France, I have not ordered from them, for the simple reason that I find that people who claim to be professional, but do not respond to emails, or with a simple answer like "come see Argentina Hair "I find it shocking, not pro at all.
    I wonder how they take, they know not work like China and do not meet customers.
    On their website, although the hair looks fine, but like I said, these are just pictures, they do not send samples they do not have a chart of color, no texture chart, no density charter or photos of their wigs.
    A website that is not full or pro, plus they do not respond when I ask things like do you work with them? impossible...

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  • Na
      20th of Jan, 2017

    Yes hair Argentina used to be very good. But now they sell Asian hair instead of South American hair. Apparently the company has gone bankrupt and has now resorted to selling Asian hair to stay afloat. I say this because I was their major customer for years despite their horrible customer service, Orianna was my officer then until she left and Antonella aggressively took over and she had a terrible attitude. They now sell Asian hair that you can get way cheaper in place of the original South American texture. So RUN and don't waste your money on them anymore, go and get your Asian hair in Asia. The owner apparently is now old and resides in Israel. They also have another affiliate company in Israel selling the fake Asia hair too managed by Asaf gal called Hair Brazil. They are all a major scam now. sad that a once great hair company has been reduced to this

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