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My mother (who is 95 years old) purchased a pair of black pump back in Sep 2018 and received them and they were too small. She returned them and the company confirmed that they received them on Oct 5, 2018. She also sent a check to be able to have the new size (8 1/2 wide) sent back to her. As of today, 5 Dec 2018 she still doesn't have the shoes and we have made several calls and we keep getting told that they are checking with the warehouse. She doesn't understand how a company can get her money and not provide any direction and no explanation. I have called with her and asked for a supervisor and I keep getting put into a voicemail (with no rerun call) or disconnected. It is terrible service and every time we are fortunate to call it is hard to understand the English of the personnel that answer the phone.

Name-Elizabeth Nelson-Phone-[protected]
Son-Wilbert Nelson-Wilbert Nelson-[protected]

She doesn't understand but I understand completely that this is absolutely unacceptable and something needs to be done about ASAP!

Dec 05, 2018
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  •   Dec 05, 2018

    “My mother (who is 95 years old) purchased a pair of black pump back”. Why does her age come into play? What are “Black pump”? If you mean black pumps, as in shoes, your mother is too old to wear those. Unless she’s in a wheelchair, get her comfy black sneakers.

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