Guaranty Bank / Fees and Incompetence

Savage Eagan, MN, United States

I had been banking with Guaranty Bank for the past 3 years. Everything was fine until I married my Wife last year in April. Ever since then it was just awful.

We wanted to set up a joint bank account and to have her have her own personal checking account. We opened the accounts and ordered the cards. The joint account cards came in just fine, but her personal account was taking longer than usual. We actually waited for 2 months before going in to see what the matter was.

The manager at the Eagan location told us that the cards are still being shipped and I should receive it by next week. We stop by 2 weeks later and he tells me that it was delivered. I told him we still don't have a card, to which he responded that to order another card it'd be another $5 to send one out. I wanted everything to be done with, so I agreed and ordered new ones. The new card came in, by it took another month and a half to receive it. The only catch is they got her last name incorrect (She hyphenated her last name).

We came back to mention the wrong name, but now they were telling us she doesn't have an open account due to inactivity. We couldn't use the account in the first place because we didn't have a card! They didn't want to refund the little money we had in the account (We put in the minimum of $25 or so). I should've left at that point, but we opened another checking account under her name.

A month and a half later, everything was fine, she had her card (Still with the wrong last name), we were hopefully done. That is until we noticed she was getting charged for "Returned Mail" (IE: Junk Mail). I've been receiving mail this entire time without a problem. We both have the same address, so it shouldn't be a problem. We approached the manager at the Savage location about the charges and she refunded us back. She double checked the addresses and they were the same.

Some time later I went to set up online bill pay so I can easily pay off my credit card (not with the bank). When I set that up, everything was "okay" until I saw that payments were refused. I tried through the credit card's bill pay and guaranty's bill pay. Neither worked. I found out that my personal checking account number was incorrect for the online bill pay. I was on the phone for 2 hours with Guaranty to figure out that I had to call up the online bill pay company that handles all payment for Guaranty to get this fixed. That company said that it was Guaranty that was in the wrong. A week later and my credit card bill still unpaid, we found out it was something that could've been done at the Guaranty Bank location (I got the helpful manager from Savage again).

The final straw was when I started to get more charges of "Returned Mail" on my wife's account AND my joint account. I went to close my accounts at the Savage location. Before I closed them, I forgot to check to see if my check with my apartment and electric bill had been cashed. The manager there (Same lady and all) said "I see two payments in, everything should be okay!" Oh it was not okay at all.

I received a letter from my apartment complex when I got back from Easter Weekend (which so happened to be the same time as my Anniversary with my Wife. Plus preparing myself for an upcoming interview for a promotion) about the check not going through. So I was charged an additional 8% for rent, $30 for the insufficient bounced check, and I had to get a money order for $3 to pay my rent. The electric I didn't want to have shut off so I had to call in, and got charged a $3 "Convenience" fee (It was all automated) to pay over the phone.

In total I've been charged a total of nearly $150 because I was banking with Guaranty Bank. It is not worth your time, effort, or money to bank with them. I'm just going to stick with the big banks in hopes I don't get too screwed over.


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