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Gta Travel / Cancelation of agread contract

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I booked a hotel for 13 nights in hawaii and after 2 weeks they send me a e - mail saying that there was a problem with there site and the hotel was unavailable a that time. I called the hotel and they confirmed my reservation. Gta hotel w'ont honor the price that the web site was listing the hotel. P. S. Gta hotel cancelled the hotel reservation the next day i called them and said i had confirmed with the hotel.

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  • Jo
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    They did the same thing to me I can't believe how this company works!!! They are so dishonnest you cannot trust a single thing they say! People be aware of this company!!!

  • Sa
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    gtahotels - cancelation of confirmed booking
    gta hotels
    New York
    United States


  • Ma
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    Same here... On January 3, 2009 I made a hotel reservation at for the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls in Yosemite National Park . I received an email from stating the Reservation Status was Confirmed, with all the details of our trip, Booking Tracking Number, etc. GTA Hotels charged our credit card for the full amount of the reservation.

    On January 26, 2009 I received an email that my reservation was canceled due to "a technical issue". After calling GTA Hotels customer support, they offered at first the same room for $1100 more, and offered several other options (all considerably more expensive), but by the end of the day all reservations within Yosemite were pulled off the site, showing that there is no reservation available.

    We have already paid for our non-refundable plane tickets ($1200) as well as for our car rental ($215), and at this point we are left without any accommodation. refuses to take responsibility for their mistake and does not offer any solution to our situation. is scam and should not be used. Part of their customer support is in Turkey and the owner of the company, Metin Altun is from Turkey as well. You can find him on Facebook. Do not trust the company. Any reputable company has to find alternative hotel, but refuse to do anything.

    The company is registered under ALLSTAR HOTELS LLC and you can submit complain via, and Attorney General for New Jersey

    The company should not be trusted.


  • Ho
      1st of Feb, 2009
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    I am also a victim of GTA Hotels. After booking accommodation in December 2008, GTA Hotels cancelled my booking 26th January 2009 after I had booked all my other travel arrangements, leaving me deep in it.

    They clearly boast "Your booking with us will then be confirmed and we will not change your accommodation or the rate - we
    guarantee it.", however I had my booking confirmed, vouchers printed and they have still cancelled my hotel.

    Thank you very much GTA Hotels.

  • Gt
      2nd of Feb, 2009
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    Re; Martin - We are aware of your booking GY-19478320 and are still working on this issue for you.

    Regarding our company background - We are a well established company that has been offering the best possible hotel rates on the internet since 1999 - Over the past 10 years we have helped millions of clients to book their hotel accommodation at the best possible rates and you can see some of the testimonials that we have received from satisfied clients on our website.

    I am aware of the issue regarding these affected bookings and should like to share my findings with all users of the complaints board below. My findings are not offered as an excuse but are factual in a hope to have the opportunity to explain this unfortunate situation...

    I should like to assure any affected clients that their cases have not been forgotten. We are working on all requests and appreciate being given the time to look into client requests. Updates will be advised to you as soon as possible...

    To the affected clients you will recognise the following explanation...

    I do appreciate your patience while I have been looking very thoroughly into the circumstances surrounding this issue and should like to furnish you with my findings below.

    1. At the time of booking you will have seen on our website for example, one night with rates and the rest Free Night, Free night, Free night ... So if you had selected to stay 12 nights then you will have been under the impression that you will only have to pay for one night.

    2.In the case of your reservation we do not have a contract with the hotel directly, instead we have a wholesaler who works between us and the hotel and who provide us with the rates and availability. Due to the technical issue it meant that when a search was made with a check in date for March and the check out date in April our wholesaler's system returned a result of hotels as if they had rates in April when infact they had none. Our own system assumes that when a hotel has been entered by a wholesaler that it meets the availability and pricing requirements in our system and can be presented to a client when they make a search on our website. Due to this technical error hotels were seen with Free nights when infact the nights were not free.

    3. As I previously mentioned '' While the booking appeared fully confirmed on our system, it is with regret that it appears there was a technical issue which led to the accommodation being seen as confirmed on our system when the hotel was infact unavailable for booking.'' This is correct in that the hotel was unavailable for booking for Free nights.

    4. This technical issue has been completely out of our control and is very regrettable. As soon as the issue came to light we have contacted every client whose booking has been affected.

    5. There are 170 affected reservations so please I am sorry that I have been unable to write to every one of you personally.

    6. Due to the technical issue, it is with great regret that we had to cancel these bookings because the rates were too low. All of the bookings affected have received the full refund.

    7. If the hotel can be re-booked through our website (subject to availability) the correct rates will apply. If you wish to re-book the same or even a different hotel we will be pleased to let you have the accommodation at our cost plus 5% off the total cost of the booking.

    8. I understand that some of you have contacted the hotel directly and that they have informed you that the booking is still confirmed. The reason for this is that while we have cancelled the booking through our system and that of the wholesaler, there is a time delay between the cancellation being relayed from the wholesaler to the hotel.

    9. At this point I should just like to add a personal note that I thoroughly understand all of your frustrations and disappointment. I have personally worked with the company for the past 8 years. We are a reputable company and over the past 10 years have helped millions of clients to book their hotels at the best possible rates. I am sorry that on this occasion we didn't deliver the experience that you were expecting from a company such as ours.

    10. If the hotel cannot be re-booked through us or you prefer to book through a different source then we will give you a voucher for 10% which can be used on your next booking with our company.

    Again please do accept my most sincere apologies


  • Je
      10th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I just booked a four day stay in Anaheim and was nervous with the fact that I didn't receive a confirmation email. Then I tried to log back into the site and my email/password combo wouldn't work. I requested my password to be sent to me via email and it never arrived. So, I called the hotel in Anaheim to see if they had my reservation (which they did not.) I checked my bank account and, sure enough, the money had already been deducted. I called customer service and they told me that the reservation would be sent to the hotel a week prior to our trip. I thought this was ridiculous because the trip is in the middle of spring break and it is very likely that the hotel will be full by that time.

    I canceled my trip today by calling customer service. I am terrified that I won't get a refund. Has anyone received a refund for the trips that they have canceled or have been canceled by the company?

  • Ch
      25th of May, 2010
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    We have just been on trip to prague we also booked with gta hotels. There was no room at hotel we booked they put us in a hostel. We have tried to complain but web site dose not exsist. If anyone knows any thing or were to find any info regarding gta hotels post it on here a s a p.

    21st may to 23 may 2010 was our trip

  • Jc
      3rd of Aug, 2010
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    Gta Hotels - contract not honored
    gta hotels
    United States

    Booked a hotel room in Honolulu, Hi through their sight three weeks before my vacation. They charged my card and assured me that everything was confirmed and alright. They even sent me two confirmation notices via Email. Four days before I leave on my vacation, I receive an Email from the company that said that they were refunding my money due to the fact that they had overbooked the hotel. I called the hotel and they had confirmed this, but they were upgrading me from a $161USD a night room, to a beach front room that cost $659USD a night free of charge. The manager said, "As long as Gta Hotels do not refund and cancel my reservation everything would be alright'. Later I found out through a company that works with Gta, that the reason they canceled my room was because they could get way more money for the upgraded room when sold for half price. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THE COMPANY. I am just glad that I found this out before I arrived at the hotel unlike some of the other people on this site.

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