GSN Cash GamesGlitches, unfair matching and bad customer service

I have been playing with GSN Cash Games or Worldwinner for over 9 years. It is a fun place to go and play games for money. I've deposited over $33.000 over the years to play games, and again don't get me wrong it's fun but... there is a problem with their games. Several games have obvious glitches to the point when you request a refund they have that error listed. I refuse to play one game impeticular, Luxor, that after winning a game it would show a different score or have a weird sign the resembles a cross. After numerous times to try to play the glitch is still there. Now there is Solitaire, over the past week I have noticed the cards were sticking to the point where I couldn't move the cards, leaving me no choice but to close the games and request a refund. Then there is the problem with their fair matching protocols. I noticed on a number of occasions while playing a tournament I would click the play again button only to be road blocked by a message stating, "This competition is unavailable to you due to your current FairMatching Rank. Under our commitment to fairness, you are only allowed to participate in competitions against others of similar skill and experience.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Santa Monica, CA" WHAT!!! I just spent $100 playing this game and now your telling me that I can't play anymore because my FairMatching rank is off? Here is the catch with that... there is a place to click to see your current competitions and it shows that I had paid for the tournament and to click to play again, you click it, then you’re playing again. Want to talk about a glitch that wasn't caught by the 24-hour surveillance team?
You can always go to customer service who are nothing but helpful... not. They have the worse bedside manner I have ever seen. They should be courteous, polite and eager to help you solve your problem, but they’re not. Their answer to everything is here is your entry fee back. Then for solitaire they told me to reset my computer and use a different browser, did that and still nothing. I complained so much that they closed my account and sent it to the fraud department. I'm angry and heartbroken. I wanted to play but I want to be assured things are being looked into. This company is the same company that bring you games like Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune, same ones you see on TV, but they can't handle this?

This here is not a safe place to play for cash, the games are glitched, the FairMatching is rigged and their customer service is horrible. Until they can problem otherwise, this is not a safe place to play.

Sep 16, 2016

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