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Greentree Servicing


Scams, Unprofessional behavior

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Greentree Servicing
United States
I am starting a Class Action Lawsuit against Greentree Servicing. Anyone willing to participate, please send me your complaints for the lawyer.

Elizabeth A Zane
496 Pedricktown Rd.
Logan Twp., NJ 08085


I will get back to each and everyone about what is going on. I have had enough of Greentree and their behavior. I am now on anti-anxiety and depresssion medicines along with my heart attacks fron them.
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A  7th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Please help: Green tree made my Sons and I become Homeless...Where do I sign up
A  11th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
OMG I have never been so harassed in my life! They hang up if I even ask a balance on my account, harass my elderly mother and other family members! Please include me in on a class action suit. I can not deal with them to even pay it off!
A  4th of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
They are impossible to deal with. They lie and misrepresent. They need a class action suit. The only one on here mentioned is from 2010. Anything newer?
N  15th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
Are you still filing a class action against Green Tree? Please send me info if you are. They are rude and unprofessional. And are unwilling to work with anyone. I called the 1st of the month about doing a deferment and they waited until the 15th to contact me, and that was at 7pm. i am getting the run around from them. They say my loan rep will call, then she never calls. Then someone else calls and says they will get her, then someone else gets on the phone and yells at me that my payment is late and its due on the 1st. i said I called the 1st of the month and no one returned my call. I was told I was suppose to call back because Jessica, my loan rep. was on vacation. No one told me that. They said they would have her call me. On top of that, when they took my loan over, which I didnt ask for, they charged me additional fees of around $200 for over a year, when I asked for an itemized statement of what they were they simply sent me a letter saying it was for lawyer and admin. fees. This company needs to be closed or trained to actually help people rather than treat them badly. desodacool@yahoo.com
A  24th of Jan, 2013 by    +2 Votes
I have worked in the legal field for over 20 years and Green Tree and Indy Mac Mortgage have to be the worst I have ever dealt with.
A  31st of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I woudllove the information too. I had green Tree then refinanced with quicken and happy with them then they sold my acct BACK to Green tree. I WANT AWAY FROM THEM, ,
N  1st of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
I would like to be added to the class action lawsuit. I started dealing with GT on a loan modification around 15 Dec 12. I have been getting the run around ever since. I sent all necessary paperwork, then they tell me all paperwork haven't been received. I have documentation from them stating they received all documents. After further conservation with several of the negotiators it was revealed that they were wrong and they found the documents but now they state that I have to resend all document again. All documents were sent 8 Jan 12.
A  1st of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
I am a "VINCENT" victim from green tree servicing.He is the boy who is in charge of my loan they claim.They are in Federal Way, WA office.This A-hole started a premature foreclosure against me after they recieved my payment in the Palitine, ILL office rather then the Federal Way office.I called to talk to him about this and he denied it.Well, after talking to his manager, Debra, the forclosure was halted right away.Well, guess who billed me $4000.00 for legal fees? GTS ! Now i have to send all my payments certified as well so i have proof that they recieved it on time.They wont give me a grace period either even though my original note gives me 15 days.I am going to see a lawyer about them and all the problems they are causing me.I would like to get in on any class action siut against them so we can try and take them down. I have heard that it is a great idea to make them produce the note and also prove they have rights to collect any money from me at all because of all the errors made in the paperwork during the housing market crash.I believe they will be out of business before the end of the year !
N  4th of Feb, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Let me know what I need to do to be added. Green tree has ruined my life as well as my husband and our relationship with our family and friends by calling people who are not even on our account. I got a notice in the mail that an X amount of dollars needed to be paid with in 30 of the POST MARKED date of the CERTIFIED letter. We paid the amount and some extra BEFORE the post marked date only to get a call from one of our parents that our account manager was filing to repossess our home. How can that be when we paid the amount they asked BEFORE the date it was due? The payment was made on a Friday and the amount due was not due until Tuesday. We called our so called account manager and got a voice mail everytime. FINALLY, we got a customer service rep. and she seen where the money was there (done by western union) and just had not been applied to the account. SHE applied the amount and there was no paperwork showing that the home was up for repo. About 2 minutes after hanging up from her, our LOVELY account manager calls and was SO RUDE to us and told us that the default date had already expires, when I tried to explain to him there was no way, the post marked day was the 5th and we paid it on the 1st, he changed the subject and said he had done sent the paperwork over to the lawyers. Can they do that when you pay BEFORE the date due? He tries to get into all our personal business and told me that we can't afford our home and we just need to get out. I am crying so hard right now it is hard to type. I have never been talked to and degraded so bad in my life. Shouldn't be illegal to send someone a certified letter telling them to pay X amount by said day but refuse the payment when it comes early to try and make them loose their home? That's like your car payment being due on the 5th, but because the dealer wants the car back, you pay you payment on the 1st (early) and they denie it and say I changed my mind I wanted you payment before our agreed on date therefore I can coming to get it? After pleading with this A-Hole, he did accept the payment but could not guarantee they wouldn't continue with the paperwork to come get our home. Is this legal, can they do that? Can they give you a certified date to pay them up and decide they want it sooner? I am so tired of not being able to sleep at night, crying all the time because I can't read them sons of B's mind!!! I wish someone would sue the hell out of them and make them go bankrupt and put them smart mouthed A-holes out on the street like they want to do everyone else! That is what out world is coming to - The almighty DOLLAR - that is all they car about!!
N  12th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
I want to be a part of this. Send me any links and information I need to do so. Lets add to this that GT exchanged hands several times in aprox. 2006 (?) creating a horrible mess. Payments vanished into thin air...No proof due to the company's that folded are long gone and all documents have been destroyed. Electronic files deleted. Payments sent are not applied correctly to the account.
A  18th of Feb, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Please include me in the law suit. I was 3 months into a home equity re-finance with GMAC. I was scheduled to close in January, 2013. Due to unexplained reasons, my closing was delayed, they didn't even bother to cancel my appointment. Now - due to the Green Tree Acquisition, they have delayed closings indefinately. This is costing me over $300 per month extra in interest. Of course, they have no reason to hurry on the closing.
A  27th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
There are so many of you in need of a lawsuit with GT, I am too. I have been through loan modification hell. BofA started my Mod in July 2012. August 2012 Bofa sends me a letter stating servicing is being transferred to Green Tree. My Acct Manager assured me that my modification would be honored as long as it was approved before the xfer date of 9/15/12. My BofA Acct manager was awesome to work with. She managed to "push up" my file and get the approval, my letter is dated 9/14/12. GT has played the game of " They never got anything about a modification trial approval" I have faxed it, I have also sent it certified mail, with my modification package i had to complete for GT, but still they dont have a copy of the approval from BofA and deny any record of it being sent by BofA. GT has approved my modification for them, however they have LIED about my income, stating they determined it to be $700 more per month than I make. I also continue to get nasty letters from them dated the 1st of each month stating my trial payment has not been received and they will complete the foreclosure process... they are a joke. I know they are committing Fraud, and I want to bust them and hold em accountable. PLEASE, we need to band together and nail their ###. feel free to email me at greentreenightmare@gmail.com. I will be seeking lawyers who are willing to take this on, my Acct Rep stated that I was one of thousands of loans BofA sold them in the same position... something has to be done!
N  28th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
BOA has sold my note as of 3/1/2013. I have never missed a payment and I've never been late. I spoke with a loan officer and started an application for a refinance last night. I was recorded over the phone, but I was not allowed to record him. He even knew when I put him on speaker phone, and asked me who was in the room? Really??? Yeah, I have a lawsuit on my hands. They have no idea what my note or deed says. I read over them, and they can not sell my note to a servicing company... but they did! I can't wait to see what Greentree does to me. I've never sued anyone, but I will. I am going to seek 20 billion dollars for the 2 million BOA loans they sold! Civil and personal law suit.
A  28th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
Green tree is ruthless. I have to stay on them about posting extra money I send to add to the principal balance and they continually post it to the interest. I am so fed up with them. They fudge the balances around that one can not keep up with the totals. They also charge outrageous insurance. This company is the worst. I think the US attorney general needs to investigate them.
A  7th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
N  14th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
Add me nothing but rude disrespectful behavior from them. man told me he is starting foreclosure process only a month and a few days late. I told him I will send late payment asap he said not good enough. do you have kids If you kids for a shinny new bike will your respone as soon as I can be good enough. very rude.
N  5th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
Please check out these support group sites...



Also submit the complaint to CFPB, and they will contact Green Tree for the matter...


For those of you who are concerned about what WILL happen, as well as those of you
who have been subjected to abuse already…I would recommend filing a complaint to
the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”), the newly created arm of the federal government
charged with oversight and enforcement of financial institutions.

You can file a complaint through the links on their homepage: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/

Here is a very recent release from the CFPB regarding the transfer of Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSRs):

There is additional, more detailed guidance available here (for the truly determined!):

Under the guidance of this new federal agency, it appears that the government has taken the position
that financial institutions who engage in unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices (UDAAPs)
may still be subject to sanctions even though they were previously immune ..
A  8th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
April 8, 2013 at 3:30 pm
Update to my previous email with links and more concise to do list and thank you’s:

Just wanted to give you all an update-I had written a big post Fri evening but as I was searching for useful links, I lost the tab in my iPad, , here is a post that I put on another site:


April 6, 2013 at 1:08 am

I fought for my life and rights and want to thank all of your who have shared your storied and gave recommendations. I was tenacious since receiving “notice of debt” on 3/26/13 and have spent every waking minute reading, researching, typing, filing documenting, posting here and there, more researching-phone calls, etc. I believe I put in 100+ hours easily on this BUT have to report your recommendations worked BUT I have some suggestions to spread it up. I worked all Easter weekend on this and saved all docs and letters as PDFs and uploaded to GTs corporate website WITH my complaints etc and immediately had date and time stamped response from GTS website.

Also, I sent ALL said docs to attorney as his notice of debt letter had the email address so I mentioned to both electronically that these are legally sent and received as per your your website and letterhead and outgoing message at your firm but the hard copied of all docs will be CERT RR via USPS and I cc’d RESPA, HUD, FLS AG, BOA, FANNIE MAE, and others, I have to check as I left my desk for bed an picked up the iPad to share so others will benefit. On MOn 4/1/13 when I called to confirm that they rec’d my April 1, May1 (and supposed missing sept1) plus extra 50-100k per month towards principal, payment deposited as my banks have notified me of and all is well (close to 3k) she emphatically states NO and after 4 days of hangs ups, bullying, lying etc. 4/1-4/4, . I never quit and continued to email all mentioned acronyms above every time she refused to work with me.

This continued until a 3 way w/BOA on TH where she screamed at me WHY ARE YOU CALLING with BOA? I told her BOA emailed me about following up on their attempted 3 way call the previous day but I was on phone with GTS CUST SERV on hold. I documented over 6 hours on Wed on the phone wGTS reps ALL who saw the $4k in my suspense and no matter how hard each one of them tried to work it out, all calls and dirt roads lead to same rep who was obviously blocking me- this was like a financial horror version of Groundhog Day or clockwork orange where you are forced to watch the horror….each call lasted 1-1 1/2 hours and always resulted with the same – her vm and I LEFT MESSAGE EVERY time or the Cust serv rep saying to call her or attorney.

I forced her hand asking her to cancel payments on my checks supposedly sent back AND TAKE my money out of suspense b/c it is ALL ther b/c GTS reps ALL see it and by the time they see it and read and read and get to the bottom where rep with a mission to put my principal total balance in her monthly totals, must have wrote something on my files…not rocket science. She tells me that Mam, you know I cannot do that, don’t insult my IQ, ANd I reply that I was a NY Public auditor and consultant of fortune 100 corps. in manhattan with biggest big 3 firm right out of college so I KNOW policies and procedures for depts and inter depts and all about suspense accts AnD the big picture that BOA and others want these upside down props off their BS and that her boiler room numbers monthly contest WILL NOT HAVE MY LOAN IN HER NUMBERS and I want any superior at GTs to speak to me and the BOA CS mortgage rep from my inquiry on elect. payments to confirm right now that it is documented that I have relentlessly pursued immediate remedy when I realized my error and your subsequent jump on the fast foreclosure bandwagon to push my acct into 60 days late by floating and putting money in suspense!!

We want explanation without you hanging up again why you cannot keep the almost $4k in susp and take the $3k that you forced me into default (1k was mthly princ over pymts NOT being applied to principal) and stop payment on the other $ 1k that you supposedly sent BACK mid month back so you would cover yourself that would show that my March payment received on 3/14/13 that i SENT AND YOU DEPOSITED would be RETURNED and push/prove I was in default. YOU DID NOT know that I wanted to start aggressively paying down princ and was overpaying so much with my tax return in feb/mar. that your plan backfired as you had so much of my money deposited in your and you CHOSE NOT TO APPLY it to my mortgage but rather put it in suspense AND SUPOSEDLY RETURN my 3/14 payment in form on online banking bill pay that came to you in the form of CHECK ( I REALIZE NOW TO ALWAYS GO VIA BOA ONLINE bill pay B/c YOU CAANOT float my payments NOR can you deny receiving payments on time!!!

I BEGGED her, i was crying profusely b/c i was truly frightened and she had NOT budged a milimeter in 10 days, to unrequest the request to return funds and save us all time and money. You are a financial intitution. I wrote code with programers to get whatever i wanted for front end output for various reports and ins and out of thousands of accts within a co. YOU please DO NOT insult MY IQ. She put us on HOLD for 10 mins while we wondered what to do or is she returning, and I cannot even begin to explain how different she was- it was surreal. Like June Cleaver!! Her inflection, demeanor and accent and pattern of speech completely transformed and she asked me to call back after 5 b/c she put I request in but has to wait for peer to return from wherever to see if it is not too late..I called at 5:30 and miraculously the payments sent on 3/29 were able to stay with GTs AND I unfortunately have to wait for the 3/14 check to come in the mail (I will deal later) but if I pay ~$500 for this and that by moneygram I will be current and out of foreclosure. That was last night. We had tornado alerts here in soflo and I could not see 5 inches in front of me driving so I came home and realized you can $gram online to GTS.

Well, battle one was won, but I have so much to do once I see that QWR, the note and dig for china so to speak, lol. I know I will cover many discrepancies and bring them to small claims if they do not refund or credit. I also have proof that my 3/14 check was deposited for March but b/c she wanted my princ bal in her totals, she pushed me into foreclosure using the payment that kept me out by returning it for HER GAIN. Any expenses incurred based on this pseudo foreclosure that I am billed will be concisely disputed with exact documentation of the timeline and how not only a paper trail but a phone and digital trail confirms my honesty and her dishonesty.

I am weary and there’s a price to pay for peace, but I believed I was paying for peace by my monthly overpayments, but in the end peace will come that I chose to do what is right and fight for our rights because WE did NOT over borrow and let us say that some owners did overborrow, the LENDERS lended and NOT GTS. It ISSSSS YOURRRR home. Do NOT let the pschological warfare tactics used to belittle and unnerve you cause you to crack and not realize your rights and not realize the tools you have at your disposal to counter attack. If it is too overwhelming for many and you cannot produce your own legal docs and don’t have the money, you can look to, local legal aid or pro bono and we can also even work together to, help, each other out once trust is established and volunteer our talents to those who need them. I did VITA in HS, I know that for many, law, IRs, threats and numbers scare people often into procrastination or paralysis-me too.

1. C&D -Cease & Desist

this will immediately prevent them from bullying you and using their little book of tactics to force you to submission and into confusion. They received mine immediately via upload to corp website and email attachment to lawyer-I mentioned follow up USPS. The rep asked me to remove it on day when they put my acct into current status.

2. RESPA QWR- Qualified Written Request –

PLEASE NOTE – DODD FRANK amendment to RESPA has changed dates and times FOR BORROWER’s benefit!!

READ CAREFULLY the below 2 links AND make sure to click on links within the 2nd link below to see summaries by CFPS!!! GREAT STUFF. BOOKMARK FOR FUTURE ref!!!



3. Produce the Note- Also, this provides you with necessary information regarding your note. GTS MUST have it in their possession!! The below link explains this as well as has links for sample letter that you can save and edit for you needs.

4. Revocation of power of Attorney and…

You will see the explanation of this on the 3rd bullet down and MUCH MORE GREAT TO DO’s


You posts and recommendations and shared horror stories forced me to realize that i was NOT IMAGINING something WAS FISHY & forced me into immediate action when I realized how much of a formidable opponent I was dealing with when all along I was naive enough to believe they were to service my loan NOt force foreclosure.

I was ripe for it because I always pay on 14 and I DID not locate my sept 2012 payment when I audited my online bank accounts 3xs in2 days but it still behooves me and i didn’t yet click on every transaction to see elect check or fiche of transaction. One thing at a time. I realized that by missing sept that was 30 days then oct 14 payment created 44 days. I was easy prey.

After several months and probably short for quota, she realized that all she needed was 16 days more to get me into 60 late and for BOA serviced loans by GTs 60 days is Dday (all others 90) so she decided at some point to take that 3/14 payment and request it to be returned hence now i am 60 days LATE and offically in default and att letter will go out and such. It was that fast and easy.

Do fight for your home with a few critical items- see above for explanations and links for samples:
1. C&D,
2. Produce the Note
3. QWR
4. Revocation of power of attorney
5. Criminal complaint of fraudulent practices
5. Historically document everything

Be sure to digitally provide this information and upload to website and email attorney mentioning that hard copies will follow cert ret recpt USPS.
All of this will empower you.

You will be less vulnerable and not on top of hit list.

Some of you as I have read, caved due to bullying and psychological tactics and GAVE YOUR HOME away due to 60 days of pseudo lateness because you were frightened, confused and believed GTS. You most likely have recourse to sue for the return of YOUR HOME!!!

PLEASE NOTE- I did attempt to contact GTS and remedy this situation prior to hitting the boards. I feel truly thankful for having the capacity to read all that you so generously shared.

I want to personally thank VICTIMS OF GREEN TREE on Facebook that shared the blog and posts daily on FB as well as the numerous other sites and although I was confused and overwhelmed on day 1&2, by continuing to follow suggested steps, you were instrumental in saving my sanity and my family’s home as well as a continuing future nightmare and lack of sleep for another 11-……fill in the blank number of days!!!

I also want to personally thank a webmaster pal that after a leap of faith where I personally emailed said person, and in return was informed, warned and frightened into an even MORE immediate action.

You both along with countless others (including my cuz’s former GTS sup. friend who confirmed my gut and offered specific recommendations) afforded me the ability to catch up on sleep peacefully this weekend and recharge for the next battle!!!

Good luck to all!!!
N  8th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
Check out PIGGY !
A  19th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
My husband and I bought our home in 1971. My husband passed away in 1986, and I have struggled to keep our home through several financial crisis. In 2002, out of desperation, I got my home refinanced through Green Tree LLC. Their workers have been rude and demanding throughout this whole time period. I am now 76 years old, and in poor health. In October 2012, I finally got tired of their bullying tactics, rude comments, and the fact that they insisted I was already 6 months behind on my mortgage payments, when I knew I was not. The first week of November 2012, one of their service reps called as usual. I told her, I was no longer going to make payments on my home. She became very loud and aggressive. I was terribly upset about making this decision, but I felt it was best for my situation. I was fighting back tears as she continued to basically yell at me. I began having chest pains. I gave my daughter the phone. My daughter explained to her that I was very upset and having chest pain, and she needed to get off of the phone to care for me. The service rep still continued to argue with my daughter until my daughter hung up on her, to care for me. For weeks and weeks they called my phone 8-10 times every day. They called my son's phone, my daughter-in-laws phone, and even called my 19 year old grandson somehow. Green Tree has been a nightmare to try to work with or even try to talk to any of their service reps. I wish I had never gotten involved with such a rude and unreasonable organization.

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