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I have had an incredibly bad experience with this company Green Tree Servicing. My mortage has changed hands three times; first it was with Countrywide who I loved, then it went to BOA who I hated, then it went to this fly by night company Green Tree Servicing which no words can explain how inefficient this company is. First off, I quit paying bills by mail in 1998, so I am not new to internet payments. When I couldn't pay my on time payment to BOA as I always did, never miss a beat since 2006, I had to try and contact this company to make payment. That was the first journey and incredible stupid people once I did get a person. Then they told me that if I made a payment online at their site, it would cost me an additional $12. Well what stupid person wants to incur "any" extra charges to pay their mortgage? Instead I bought a book of bank checks and a book of stamps, both less than one month's charge to use Green Trees "convenient" online bill pay. Well then then little enveleopes started coming in the mail with jibberous about how I should rip off the remittance and send it back with a 'CHECK", DOES ANYONE WRITE CHECKS ANYMORE???? So for the last couple months I have been doing that and since I haven't written a check since 1998 it is easy to forget to do so, completely unintentional. But I have been doing it and last month, I sent the cute little oversized waste of paper remittance advice in their envelope stamped with my stamp to them and forgot to put in the check. So big deal. I realized I didn't send the check when I looked in my checkbook so like a responsible homeowner went to my bank account online and issued a check. Well the STUPID people at GTS, couldn't figure out how to post a bigger check (I guess). So someone called me to advise me that they could not post a business size check. (ignorant Illinois folks, do they go to school there or just farm?). Apparently they are not internet savvy out there in the midwest. So anyway I call and got the rudest ignorant person ever on the phone who yelled at me repeated like I was a criminal for sending in a "big" bank check because they don't know how to post it. He was so irate I asked for his supervisor or manager and he yelled somemore like I was avoiding payment or some thing (??) whatever that could be. then this rude ignorant man hung up on me. Nothing resolved my "bigger sized check from the bank" what? still in limbo I guess. What is with that company? who are they? IF you have ever seen the commerical on TV where the woman has a discovery c ard and calls and the Russians in Siberia answer the phone as Peggy, well that is GTE in its essence. A completely ignorant company NOT providing a service but antagonizing their customers who are ??? trying to resolve a payment issue they can't comprehend because they are the Peggy's in Illinois? Coming from 7 years in the department of computer science and engineering at the Unversity of Washington in Seattle, WA where the internet was created in our basement, I am disgusted in the year 2012 to be treated in such an ignorant manner. what a sad day it is in Illinois to know that workers are so stupid, no wonder our country is in high unemployment and I hope this JOHN guy I spoke to at 7:06pm on 3.19.12 CMT, gets his ### fired for being such an idiot and ARGUING with a customer who is trying to pay their mortgage as they have always done with countrywide, bank of america and now these idiots. Unbelieveable. What was BOA thinking when they sold my loan to them? Who are these Peggy's?

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      20th of Mar, 2012

    I just received a call from this company stating this was my final opportunity to reduce my interest rate on my credit card accounts. They stated since I was in great standing on all my credit card accounts, I am eligible for a reduction on my interest rate. I knew this wasn't accurate since I'm in the middle of credit counseling, and my cards are more than 90 days behind. When I told them I was not up-to-date, so where is this information coming from, I was hung up on. I tried to call back but no luck. It was a cell phone in NY assigned to Omni Communications in NY. I'm going to continue to try to reach them.

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