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I bought tickets to Earth, Wind & Fire Concert in Billings, Mt and I was advised that I could get a rebate back from Great Fun and it sounded interesting but was to busy to cancel this within 30 days.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Poplar, MT I am not interested in anything Great Fun has to offer and know it's a ripoff and want it to stop taking money out of my account. Thank You Gerald R. Jackson

  • Updated by Gerald Jackson, Feb 03, 2017

    Please withdraw me from receiving anymore of material or I will be contacting the BBB and a lawyer.

Feb 03, 2017
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      Jan 27, 2018

    Thank you for writing your review, it saved me the hassle of getting ripped off as I too was told the exact same about my purchase and “how special this offer is because I would get my rebate regardless of keeping the service of Great Fun after the 1 month trial period expires”. After reading your review and many others of the same general experience, I opted out of any rebate because I could tell that it sounded fishy and looked up your review while on the phone. So thank you for sharing and I’m sorry you had a dollar or more taken with nothing received. They probably do this to 50% of the people who are sent to them from buying something else, and when summed, make a ton of money from getting just $1 from many people who think they will get the deal where they get $50 vs the $25 original rebate they are offered. In the end the customer gets nothing and the “Great Fun” business makes out with customers money for nothing. This company needs to be referred to the better business bureau for scamming people out of their money. It’s like the movie Office Space, $1 is seemingly nothing just as 1 penny is even less noticeable, but $1 from 1 million people is scamming 1 million dollars, where you or me doing so would go to jail when caught. This should be no different. I’m going to refer them and I think I everyone who reads this and who actually paid any money to “Great Fun” should make a complaint so they see that this is not a witch hunt, it’s the truth and just as I was saved the hassle by yours and others reviews or your experience, many other people would be saved the trouble and frustration of being told they would receive a $25-$50 rebate for their purchase by using this scam for a $1 trial period, that never showed up in their mailbox. Thank you for sharing as you saved myself and most likely many others from being ripped off. Now it needs to be brought to the authorities attention that this whole thing is a scam and the company’s who associate with “Great Fun”
    Should be held liable as well. I am writing this comment on everyone’s review so it can be taken to the B.B.B for further action, however, I wanted you to know that I wrote you first.

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