Great Expressions Dental Centers Flint, MIroot canal and crown unfinished

After receiving my root canal my temporary crown fell off the next day. I called to let them know and was told just not to chew on it and it would be fine until I get my permanent crown. The day before my appointment for my crown I received a call telling me they no longer have a dentist so I would have to wait for them to call once they got one. After a couple weeks of getting frustrated I called and left a message. Then once again I called a week after that no response. I finally called care credit after all this time of making payments to see what my options were. I was told to dispute it so I did and got a refund. The money was returned to care credit and now my wife gets a bill for my procedure that was never completed. Now I don't see how it is possible to try to charge my wife after I was received a refund. If this isn't taken care of right away we will be suing great expressions not only was the job not done I am entitled great pain over the last few months. I don't know how great expressions think they can pull this one. I'm hoping it's just a computer sending out a bill by mistake. Because I am now sitting here with a stub of a tooth that always hurts. Feel free to give me a call I wrote this down because I am very angry and didn't want to forget anything. [protected] sincerely a very angry SEAN WEBBER

Jun 04, 2018

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