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Grand Crowne Resorts / Misrepresentation by sales person

1 Branson, MO, United States Review updated:

we purchased a time share from Grand Crowne resort in Aug of 2009, we were told that we could come down anytime and visit and not use our points that we purchased with the timeshare. We would of course have to pay a small fee when we stayed, but would be able to use the facility, with a 24 hour notice.
I called down to make reservations today and there is no room available unless we wish to pay $299. Well, we have already paid over $11, 000 for the use of this place and now they have no room. Last week we received a phone call from Grand Crowne offering me 4 days and 3 nights in a Condo at no charge, I told her I would make arrangements with friends and call her back today. I took off of work as did my friend for next week, I called the lady back and booked the condo and at the end of the call she says that I must bring my husband because she is from marketing. Well, how can marketing have room in the inn, but no room for owners?What a ripoff, if you choose to go to Grand Crowne for the 90 minutes sales talk, take a recorder and make sure you get what the salesperson says, you won't ever hear it again, and it won't be accurate. It will change once you sign that contract, oh and by the way, that getaway package that you purchased cannot be used for one year after you purchase it, I was told that today after 3 hours on the phone with people trying to get a room. I never did get one either. But they do have my money, I paid it in full, so after paying $11, 500 for a timeshare, I will have to stay in a different motel in Branson, does this make sense? and yes, I did call every phone number on this paperwork.

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  • Ga
      22nd of Feb, 2010
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    Grand Crowe Resorts - free gas no money available
    Grand Crown Resorts
    Pigeon Forge
    United States

    Please be advised that My Free Travel will be unable to honor any rebates redeemed on or after December 1, 2009. This is due to an extremely high response rate to the program. The responses received have far exceeded numbers anticipated by our projections and this has resulted in a shortage of funds to meet required payments. We will continue to attempt payment for any qualified rebates that have been submitted prior to December 1, 2009.

  • Tn
      8th of Jul, 2010
    +2 Votes

    THIEFS & LIARS!!! That is what you will find at Grand Crowne Resorts. They bait and switch, they say whatever it takes to convince you this is a good deal. But after hey have your money they don't care. I suffered an injury and was unable to keep our reservations. We called GC immediately to let them know we needed to reschedule due to medical reasns. We even told them we could provide the medical documentation that prohibited me from traveling. They did N OT CARE and said they would have to charge us the $30 cancellation fee. GC reps (spoke with 2) continued to insist that everything was "in the contract" and that they could not change the fee. We tried to reason with them, but they wouldn't hear anything we had to say. I'm just glad we didn't purchase a full time share, we got a "trial package" do they really think after this treatment they can con us into paying more money for a timeshre?? I THINK NOT!!!

  • Ro
      3rd of Apr, 2015
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    Question? What resort company tells a customer they can book anytime 24hours before arrival? Especially a 5 star resort?
    Another question; what person in there right mind takes off work before reservations are made because of one reps statement especially after you pay $11, 000 for whatever program you sign up for?
    There's no bait and switch at Grand Crowne. Actually, the Grand Crowne is one of the most honest resort companies out there. The employees are family people who care about helping people expand trips to first class luxuries.
    I know this company and have dealt with them for over 20 years. The owners care, and even if this happened, because reputation to them is #1, I promise you all you had to do was call them and explain the situation, and even when they are right, I've seen them lose money hand over fist because they care about the customer! This is what they do... They host, the serve, and your happiness matters.
    Ron T.

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    I was just scammed by Grand Crown Resorts in Pigeon Forge Tn 3/12/15 Please call me if you have, 931-627-5785 I live here and they prayed upon me and lied to me because I have a aneurism in my aorta just diagnosed and iI wanted to spend my last times with 13 grandkids and our children other wise couldn't afford to do this, they lied said they could get us a vacation 1st week of June 2015 they said we will call you back with the place on the beach, they never did called 2 wks later said what was those dates again they let our time to cancel go by, by promising they was booking it, now we are locked in and couldn't go to the beach until maybe Oct, in the winter and kids back in school, they sent me a paper to cancel a month later and i turned in books but never got membership. card, yes I have the names of the two that lied to us also call me ! they are crooks, I have a lot more to tell about this call me send me your name e mail be glad to talk to you I am going to the state of tn where they get their licenses to sell and show my medical condition also they didn't care, just about the money, now my health insurance is going to be canceled end of June, ! they sent me a bill to pay $708.00 maintenance fees for 2015 and 2016, and cant afford this and not have anything, Lets work together and stop this, I talked to their fiance office today to cancel this said they would not, and had even had me send material back a month later and send them certified letter i was cancelling even after they knew the date i bought and the time had passed to cancel them . I have spoke to an attorney also, so lets get this out here ! Linda, Harold Otto Sevierville TN 37862 DON'T BUY FROM CAPITAL RESORTS IN PIGEON FORGE TN, BIG SCAM CALL ME ! GOING TO THE STATE BOARD AND ON TV IF I HAVE TO !

  • Ca
      3rd of Mar, 2017
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    @scammed CAPITAL RESORTS PIGEON FORGE TN Thank you for reaching out to us concerning Capital Resorts, we appreciate your feedback as we are continuously trying to improve our services. We would like to address all of the issues raised as our goal at Capital Resorts is to provide an exceptional experience and product to all of our owners and guests. We do have several ways to reach us; phone, chat, and email:
    *phone is 844-777-2582
    *website for chat,
    *email is [email protected]

  • Br
      14th of May, 2015
    +3 Votes

    LOL I'm guessing that Ron T. is employed by Grand Crowne, or he gets paid to surf the net and rebut claims against them. That dog won't hunt here boy, people are here because Grand Crowne ripped them off, and they really don't care about anyone. That"s why they are in trouble in every state they operate in. I am on a full scale rampage to bring their criminal enterprise to the public eye. I am forming a group and building a webpage dedicated to nothing but Grand Crowne compaints and people who have been ripped off by them. By building a consortium of people who have been wronged we will be able to bring them to their knees.

  • Best Best Advice +5 Votes

    please call me we need to go on TV with this ! 931-627-5785, I have found an excellent Attorney in Birmingham Alabama

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    Capital resorts, has responded to me and has made everything right for me Linda Otto, I Now take back all I said about them. Very Pleased
    So Please dis regard any thing I have said concerning Capital Resorts or Grand Crown, When You Finally get to speak to the right person they resolve the issue ! Thank You So Much Sherry C and Mr Crop,
    Linda Harold Otto 5/15/15

  • Ga
      15th of Jun, 2015
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    My husband and I bought a Grand Crowne Adventures Package from these people in 2014. I have tried 4 different times to make reservations to use this package (which is a "tester" to see if we want to fully buy into the time share program) with no success. I can't even get through on the phone to talk to anyone. I've been given 9 different phone numbers since the day we purchased and have NEVER gotten through to actually speak with anyone. I've left messages, but NEVER had a call returned. AVOID THIS COMPANY AND CAPITOL RESORTS who is in with them. This is a heck of a way to introduce me to your company and expect me to buy in! Glad we only bought the trial package and not the time share or I'd be postal by now!!! RUN, RUN, RUN FROM THIS SCAMMING RIPOFF COMPANY!!!

  • Br
      3rd of Sep, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I am pleased to report an amicable resolution to my dispute with Grand Crowne Resorts, I would also like to retract my prior allegations and personally thank the company for going above and beyond to resolve my issues.

  • Ru
      21st of Sep, 2015
    +1 Votes

    On May 10, 2015, my husband and I purchased a timeshare from Capital Resorts. We were told during the presentation and from our salesperson that our VIP package included 12 FREE getaway vacations. Once we logged into their site, using our owner ID, we found the only getaway weeks were by purchase. We immediately disputed our contract and requested cancellation. We were told to send a certified letter and that a decision would be made within 45 days. We mailed the certified letter on July 10. We then received a call from Capital Resorts stating we needed to return all materials given to us upon making the purchase so they could move forward in the process, leading us to believe they were refunding our down payment. We promptly mailed them the material back and upon calling them were told that our refund approval release was sitting on someone's desk (we won't call names at this point). After following up numerous times, we were told that merit was not found to cancel the contract because we initialed a statement saying we would access to getaway vacations starting at $199. We did, but this was separate from what we spoke to our sales person in detail about. We were assured throughout the entire sale that we would receive 12 FREE getaways. We would not have made this purchase had we not been mislead into thinking we were gaining 12 FREE getaways a year. We have asked for reconsideration at this time, and are awaiting a response. We will post back with next steps.

  • Bo
      12th of Oct, 2015
    +3 Votes

    My husband and I fell for the sales pitch and when we were told that we were going to be given 4 round trip air tickets and a $100 dollar dining card we took the hook. We have not received the gifts and numerous attempts to contact them result in voice mail or a recording " no one is available to take your call". As part of the deal we were trading in a timeshare we've had for 25 years with no problems. Today makes 53 days since the first payment was due. I have been told by their own sales associates that there are many others experiencing the same problems. I was told that the motels in the area will no longer do business with them because they are not being paid and that Capitol was on the verge of bankruptcy. I'm concerned about damaging my credit record but can't see paying $$$ for something of no value to a disreputable company.

  • Je
      4th of Nov, 2015
    -1 Votes

    I have had the same problems with capital Reaorts as everyone has posted before me. I contacted them today about how to try and sell my timeshare because I haven't been able to get them to book me a vacation either. They gave me a number to a company they said sold timeshares. Company was called Allies Solutions Group. I called them and they had basically the same voice message as Capital Resorts had. I asked if they was same company and lady said they wasn't. I still don't believe that. Anyway she told me they didn't sell timeshares. BUT they helped people get the timeshares out of their name so the timeshare owner wouldn't have to pay membership dues and maintainable fees anymore. But you could make any money off the timeshare. I told I didn't want to make any money. BUT I would like to get back PART of what I paid for it. Was told they did not do that. Ask her if I was just supposed to give them what I had invested just to get out of paying membership dues and Maintaince fees? She said they wild see if the company wild just take it back and not make me pay anymore fees? What kind of operation is this? I am fixing to contact the Tennessee Better Business Bureau and after that I am contacting a attorney.

  • Ka
      29th of Nov, 2015
    +2 Votes

    I agree with all of the complaints posted and discourage ANYONE to purchase anything from this company!! I have been lied to and treated poorly by this company time and again. Please, protect your finances and STAY AWAY from this company!!

  • Dr
      9th of Dec, 2015
    +2 Votes

    RUN from this company.. whether it was called Grand Crown, Surrey Vacations or now the latest Capital Resorts. They owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid debt to several local businesses. Not to mention have not built much of anything in years and years, even though it seems with the 3rd new name, they are financially sound and growing.. its public record.. they are not. It is a full fledged scam and DBR for the state of Tn should be responsible for letting this happen..

  • -1 Votes

    I am asking that No One contact me about Capital resorts even though my phone # is now out their on a complaint, I have no complaints with them, all has been resolved as I stated before, I will not give any information so Please don't call my # Thank You Linda Otto 1/21/16, I would like to know how any of my information can be removed from here .

  • Be
      22nd of Jan, 2016
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    January 22, 2016 In order to reserve a condo in Pigeon Forge, I told Dillon that I would place a $50 deposit to hold the date and reservations. When I checked my bank account $200 had been taken from my account. He tried to get me to put down $150, but I told him that I was on a very tight budget (school teacher and husband CDL driver). He also said that $50 would hold the reservation. My husband had already paid over $100 for a vacation that would involve a 90 minute time share proposal. I called Dillon once I realized $ 200 had been withdrawn from my account. He assured me that it would be taken care of. Instead of crediting my account for $150, apparently an additional $50 was withdrawn. Needless to say, when I went to the grocery store during a snow storm, I was unable to purchase $ 30 worth of groceries and was horrified when my card was declined with a line of people behind me. I called Grand Crowne and continued to get a message that said I was the second caller in line. Finally, I was able to leave a message. I called again a couple hours later and talked to Lauren who said that Dillon was gone for the day and would not be back until Monday. Meanwhile, I'm still out $200 which I was told would take 3-5 business days. When I asked to talk to someone that she or Dillon answers to, she hung up. When I called back, she argued with me and said that I was finished talking. I have worked retail where the customer is always right. I have had to bite my tongue many times. She starting saying that she had process a refund & started giving number when I said wait just a minute so that I can write it down. She was extremely rude. I am down right angry. Professionalism is definitely not a priority for Grand Crowne. I am also appalled that I explained to Dillon how tight my budget was & agreed upon the $50 to hold the reservation. Also the cabins and/or condos are not available, so they had downgraded us to a hotel room with an adjoining room. I would not recommend for anyone to use them for a vacation getaway, Beth Fraley Eavey

  • Tr
      20th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    If nothing else Grand Crowne/Capital Resorts needs to highlight the rescission period (state mandated time to cancel a contract with a full refund) clearly indicating the number of days allowed and the procedure to follow in order to cancel. It's in the contract but it must be easy to miss as everyone who has problems with program seems to know nothing about it or only finds out months or years later but still expects to be able to cancel. I read so many complaints from those who never seemed to have read the contract in a timely fashion or did any research before or even in the days following a multi thousand dollar contract with which they were not familiar with. Months later they complain that they were told this or voiced their concerns by phone or in person yet still seem to miss the written and postmarked requirement in the contract and wonder what the problem is.
    I'll admit Capital Resorts is hard to research as it is relatively new compared to many timeshare systems. I research timeshare info as a hobby. I have started a facebook group called capital resorts condo owners to help answer some questions if I can. I am a member (points owner) of the Capital Resorts group system and not an employee with Capital or Grand Crowne. I own over a dozen timeshares from various systems and independent resorts and rent out about half and use the other half. I am fairly familiar with Interval International and RCI and make at least 4 exchanges per year and purchase an additional getaway or two.

  • Je
      26th of Apr, 2016
    -3 Votes

    Does anybody know if there is a LAwsuit against Capital Resorts? or does anybody know a Good Attorney that deals with timeshares? looks like this could be a Good case for a Class Action Lawsuit? Also Linda Otto was all about getting people to join her Cause when she was on the Hook and Evidently she got hers took care of and said to Hell with Everybody else. Posted her number to call her and everything and then in another post she said not to call her and wanted her infor removed. Sounds like a pretty sorry thing to do. At least she could share some info so maybe some of the rest of us might could get something out of our investment.

  • Te
      1st of Jun, 2016
    -1 Votes

    We were scammed by them and more people need to get together and file a suit against them. It's sad that the city of Pigeon Forge would allow these losers to keep screwing people everyday!

  • Ni
      17th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I agree. They are liars. I have yet to use any of my points. I saved them all for a December trip in 2015. I joined and was informed in 2013 that I could go to the DR in Dec 2015 for my 40th birthday with my points and about $200. I never used my points for that reason. It never happened. What they don't tell you- there is only 1 resort in DR in December, you MUST purchase the meal plan and it's $299 to reserve. My total would have been over $1, 800- reservation, resort and meal plan. I could have paid that with a travel agent with monthly installments. I was livid.
    Then, I get this ridiculous bill for $500 because the board of directors felt we should pay it. Why don't they pay it? What are we paying for exactly- abstract space? We are not owners of any physical properties after spending thousands.
    Lastly, they always send me an owner's update meeting letter 3 or 4 days before the meeting. I live in Nashville and the meetings are in Branson.
    It's all BS to me.
    I just had to vent.

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