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I have tried several times to contact someone about re-enrollment to finish my 3 classes to earn my degree in Elementary Education (BS) and no one has contacted me for assistance. I have a GPA 3.14. ..and when I last spoke with my counselor and financial aid advisors they said I had to pay 2, 000 plus dollars after being approve for financial aid $5, pay for my I did not owe they said that it was because I need show that I am willing and able to complete the classes and able to pay for school...which did not make sense to me...if I am approve financial wouldn't my financial pay for my class...smh...3 classes...and I am done... so I am still waiting and today is 10/16/2018...I emailed them on 7/12/2018 and have not heard from is dad because I highly recommended this school to several friends and now I wish that I could take it back...GRAND CANYON UNIVERITY YOU DISAPPOINTED ME!...not sure what the problem is...but this has to stop there a way to contact the president of the school before I take legal action...please help if anyone can email is [protected]

desperately seeking to finish this year!

Student Services Counselor
Silny Arcia
1.800.800.9776 ext. 639.5561

Oct 16, 2018

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