Grabcar Servicethe driver ngauw jin seng sjd9527j honda civic

As I took grab service with you grab often but this is the first time I encountered such a irresponsible driver, I book his service at around 10.45pm around this timing, and I waited for him to arrive . As I afraid that some drivers may not know the location I than text him twice to make sure he knew the place . I still specifically told him in text the Bencoolen drop of point, second text I told him is just opposite the Burlington square which always all your grab drivers know for sure . I waited for ten minutes and I see how come the map shows that his car have already pass my location . So out of courtesy I call him up instead of texting him, he pick up I ask him nicely where is he now, and he can immediately reply me he left the place without giving any reasons, than I ask him nicely how could you take my call and you don't even let me know that his not coming to pick up me . He straight can say hello Bencoolen so long how I know where is your drop of point, which I find it very ridiculous, and irresponsible reaction from him . I say to him the Bencoolen is always in the gps maps in your grab gps n in google map for sure . How could he say Bencoolen is so long how to find, am I right to say that. Than I say to him at lease if you don't know the location you should give a call or a text to me and check out the location of my location am I right to say that . Plus he say he left ask me to cancel the booking . This is very very disappointing and irresponsible attitude from your grab driver. He wasted my time, his time to find another customer is important to him and what about my time, my time is important too, and I wasted for the 15mins or so . That's very bad attitude from your grab driver, I'm very disappointed from you guys grab car . I hope you guys can give me a good explanation why such working attitude driver . If I don't get a good explanation from the driver and from you grab . I will boycott grab car . And I will spread this bad experience I have from you grab car service to all my friends, relative, who ever,
Thanks for the time and I look forward from you grab service

Grabcar Service
Grabcar Service

May 16, 2017

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