Government Vacation Rewards / ripped off for an airline ticket

San antonio Tx, United States

This was my first time using my GVR, to book an airline ticket to san Antonio, TX from Jacksonville, Fl
They quoted me a price, took my information and then told me that flight was no longer available, so they tried to offer me a higher price for the exact same flight. I declined because I knew where this was going. I went directly to the airline itself and booked the exact same flight for the same price., but GVR had already took the money off of my credit card but they couldn't get me a flight for that price but they took that amount of money off my card. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY AS FAST YOU CAN!!! They only want to get your money they are not in it to please the customer. I call them and requested them to put my money back on my card. They did but I had to go there and should have to when its your money no one has the right to take advantage of your bank account or you for that matter.

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