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Got Junk / poor customer service

1 Willowbrook, IL, United States

On the morning of july 25, 2015 I called 1800 got junk for an estimate on de
-cluttering the basement of my two bedroom townhome. Two company employees
Arrived at 4:45 p. M. And said they had an empty truck and were ready to start
The job. After perusing the basement they began to work at removing books
From a bookcase that was to be "donated".

I had actually only expected an estimate and instructions to prepare for the
De-cluttering but I decided that the opportunity to begin the task was "fortuitous".

Once the work was underway, the men stated more than once that my situation
Was "unusual" because the books and other items should have been removed and
Sorted according to what would be kept and what would be removed. This would
Have required a professional organizer: my physical strength is limited by my
Size and the effects if a double mastectomy. As the work progressed numerous calls were made to "the boss", ostensibly about the lack of preparatory organization.

One of the men repeatedly "encouraged" me to "donate" an antique dresser
Saying that I would be serving my health in so doing. Another repeatedly asked
If I intended to "shop around" for a better price on removal of my console
Piano. I was not in favor of paying $350 to have my piano turned into scrap,
Which is standard policy. I was even asked if I wanted to "donate "my file
Boxes containing legal documents.

We decided to remove a dresser from the upstairs room to complete a two
Thirds truck load. The dresser was removed, but two of the drawers were left
Behind. The men implored me to hire a professional organizer prior to future
De-cluttering work from got junk and provided me with two rolls of garbage
Bags to facilitate the task.

I paid the $460 fee for removal of a two thirds truck load and gave each man
A $25 bonus because they had worked for over three hours in this "unusual"

On august 3, I could not find my laptop. I had been keeping it in the drawer
Of the desk where I work on my computer. I was put in contact with casey, a
Resolutions specialist. He introduced himself as a retired military policeman. (Intimidation??)
He said he would search the warehouse for my laptop and, when he couldn't
Find it he tried to convince me that it had been destroyed with the dresser
Which was not donatable.

i have a text from casey which might illuminate
The quality of my interaction with him.

When I talked with casey on monday he had a new line— the men told him that
I had had a professional organizer in the house before got junk came and
These people must have taken the computer. This is obviously a lie. I was not
Well organized at all on july27.

On august 12, I was contacted by "freddie", a more senior resolutions specialist
Than casey. He and casey had obviously communicated; I was once again being
Bullied into saying that the computer was left in the dresser, which had been
Destroyed because got junk had not removed it properly. It seems to me
That the goal here was intimidation not resolution.

I finally asked for and was given the address of the location in arlington
Heights from which workers are dispatched. When I asked for the name of the
Addressee, I was told to direct my communication to "fred!", the same man who was
Denigrating me. This was for me the final insult. I was being encouraged to
Waste my valuable and limited time writing a letter that would be ignored!!!

i have since learned that I should direct my letter to sam schick, the owner
Of the got junk franchise.

I am a female senior living alone, physically weakened by the effects of a double
Mastectomy. I hired got junk because I needed a company with a reputation
For honesty and reliability. I did not realize that the company now sells
Franchises and that each local operation can have different levels of
Competency. Or perhaps my physical condition and situation made me vulnerable to
Less than professional treatment.

I really do need my computer. I have already missed some online classes and
Will miss others next week. And I will be unable to start an online training
Program with income generating potential. Of course, there is the less tangible
Value of all I had stored in my computer. Neither of these resolutions people
Seemed to care.

It does not seem likely that I will be reunited with my computer or receive
Compensation for it. Got junk may indeed be a fine company but I do hope that
The standards and behavior of the employees of the franchise based in arlington
Heights can be made public. I also hope knowledge of my experience
Can protect another vulnerable person from the grief and heartache I sustained.

thank you.

Aug 16, 2015

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