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Most Gordmans I have been to are fairly organized and the associates are rather upbeat and friendly.
Don't expect so much from this location. I moved closer to this store recently and after a month of the worst customer service I've experienced I will not go back. From the attitudes of the employees you would think they are being forced to work there and for $2/hr. The manager is the worst. A rough-edged man that waved me off and told me to "look somewhere back there" for the item in question...thanks manager Mike.
Also, beware of shelves stuffed full of random items, broken merchandise lying around, tools throughout the store unattended to (I'm talking shelves, metal brackets, at least a hammer or two) and of course many items without prices or with incorrect prices that take 30 minutes to find.

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      8th of May, 2013

    Colorado springs only Gordmans, local. ### horrible managers, the employees run! & leave me standing there, to hear theyr, stupidity!I have been chased & harassed constantly, with my guide dog who's only 11pounds & Cute!, this tI'me ### followed me to the parking-lot to see wtf I drive!!, , Messy shelves, disgruntled employees, hateful used car salesman type Managers.But ### refused to give me her name, , after harassing me about clearly marked guide dog! and wouldn't give complaint number ether, so I'm writing how they treat handicapped allllllllll over the web! but stalking me to my car! what a sick ###!

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      10th of Sep, 2018
    Gordmans - credit card
    United States

    I always pay my bills on time. I've had my credit card with Gordmans for several years. But now they charge trailing interest. So no matter when I make a payment, I still pay interest! Stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Card is now cancelled and I won't shop there again! I have never had another credit card company do this. Ridiculous!

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