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Goptions was supposed to complete a withdrawal from my trading account. I received notification that the money was submitted to my bank. When I went to withdraw the money, it was not the correct amount and they had put the money in reverse. When I called to ask about what happened, I got hung up 5 times! I was told to contact support. There was nothing they could do. They have poor customer service and are very, very rude and disrespectful. I didn't want to believe the rumors about this company being a scam. The rumors were true. They purposely refused to give me my money and gave me the run around for my money.

Aug 11, 2014
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      Sep 11, 2014

    Goptions also promised me to complete the withdrawal request, but instead of completing the withdrawal requests, they cancelled the withdrawal requests. I also didn't believe the rumors about this company being a scam and yes now I am experiencing the same thing like all the other victims who have placed enough trades and who didn't take the bonus. goptions is the worst broker ever. warning: they even use fake addresses! I am still waiting for my money.

    We don't know what goptions wants to achieve by cancelling all the victims' withdrawal requests. goptions must stop deceiving clients, this is very wrong. goptions is wasting our time, efforts and money. we all have witnessed all of the conversations with goptions, day by day, via email, phone, skype, facebook and so. they have literaly damaged us mentally, our trust. same day guarantee withdrawal literally means: cancelling all the withdrawal requests and no withdrawal guarantee. we have experienced other three different brokers and they are very reliable, mainly when it comes to withdrawal. goptions is not customer friendly at all. very rude. no respect for clients mainly the victims. goptions, you mus stop denying, stop lying and return all the money to the victims. we all have prove against goptions. it is very rude to hang up the phone when you know that the victims want their money back. a lot of victims didn’t take your bonus, that means they have the right to withdraw any time they want, mainly when they have placed enough trades whether they lose or win, don’t make up any lies and let them trade until they lose their investment. you don’t have to lie to the victims that they are jeopardizing goptions’ reputation, because the reputation is in your hands. the only thing you have to do is listening to the victims and do what they ask you. if they want to withdraw, you have to show respect and complete the withdrawal request for them like the other three different brokers who are very reliable, always do. you on the other hand, are not reliable. goptions, return the money to the victims, mainly the victims who didn’t take the bonus. stop wasting our time, money and effort. you are causing the victims a lot of stress. you owe us our money. we all have proof against you.

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