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Poor service

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Gold Canyon Candle
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Hi we recieved a Gold Canyon Candle Co. Clean Sheets Candle as a gift. We took it home and lit it. Within a short period of time we noticed our children had soot all in their nostrils. We also had soot in our nostrils and felt nauseated and had headaches. We blew out the candle and noticed our sofa and chair which originally were white, were now grey and the counters in the kitchen (another room that the candle wasn't in) were covered in grey soot. This candle is dangerous and damaging to your home. We have inclueded pics of our sofa, we keep a quilt over most of the sofa so you can see where there is a definite line from where the quilt covered and the soot landed.
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A  16th of Dec, 2010 by    -2 Votes
The same thing happened in our house after burning Gold Canyon candles. Black smog, black soot in noses, headache, sinus congestion. The black soot was all over in the bathroom and the candles were not even in there. I tried to recut wicks but the same thing happened. I was told not to blow out candles & cut the wicks every time I lit them. I have never had to do this befor with other candles. Expensive candles should not require so much work with little results. Thanks for your time, Erin.
N  9th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Yes this happened to us as well. we had one of their baking scent candles. I had burned it for approx 5 hours one day (they recommend 4) but I noticed my home was filled with smoke (smog) and that it was in our noses and on every plastic item in the house. I first noticed it on my childs diaper genie which is white plastic, then we looked else where and found it on the white hampers, garbage cans, tupperware, (I have lot's), toilet seats, my childs toys, in our fridge, pill bottles etc… I spoke to Gold Canyon and their insurance company over a couple months and they have denied my claim. They even had someone locally (insurance company) come and see the damage. They were emailed numerous pictures and they said that there was no way that one of "their" candles would leave that much soot in the time frame I burned it. Since then I have lit the candle to see what would happen. I trimmed the wick to 1/4" like they specify and within 2 minutes, everytime the flame flickers a puff of black smoke comes out. Now if you burned this candle for their 4 hours and this candle had been puffing smoke out every 10-15 seconds you'd better believe it would fill your home with soot. I am extremely disappointed in this company and wonder how many other homes out there have had the same problem and just don't know it. I had all this white plastic in my home, all these new homes with all their dark trim and stuff in them. You would not be able to tell. Recently I have gone through my insurance company to have it professionally cleaned and they were pulling soot of the walls, fridge, stove, all plastic dishes, toys, containers, etc… I will not ever buy from Gold Canyon again and I hope that other people that have had a similar experience step forward. In all this the candle rep who sold me the candle was very helpful and can't believe that they did not step up. thank you for your time.
A  5th of Dec, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I have had the same thing happen to me, I purchased Gold Canyon Candles from a fundraiser in March of 2011 and in April 2011 when we went to move some items around in my child's room there was black outlines on the carpets, we thought at first it was our brand new a/c unit, we had the unit serviced and they asked if we were burning candles. By than all the a/c vents in the house was black and the ceilings were black around them and my ceiling fans. We than noticed that my daughters barbies were covered in a black film and the hair had turned grey. You could run your hand down our walls and your hand would be black from the soot. I of course stopped burning the candles and contacted a cleaning company, they told me I was looking at $10, 000-$15, 000 in cleaning damage. I contacted the company and after 2wks of them not returning my phone calls, they finally told me it wasn't their candle it had to have been something else causing this problem. I even sent the candle company one of THEIR candles so they could see the jar and test the product ( which again they said was normal ) I had to contact my insurance company and we had to have our ceilings completely redone, the whole house had to be repainted, we had to replace our carpets, pillows, mattress covers, a/c vents all of my daughters toys were destroyed because you can not clean the soot off of hard plastic, I had to replace my sofa, literally everything from ceiling to floor had been damaged, the cleaning company told me it was like having a house fire but without the fire. The soot even got into my kitchen cabinets. We had to have a cleaning company come and collect all of our clothing to be cleaned because it was also covered in soot. After knowing all this was going on I again contacted Gold Canyon Candles and they again told me it wasn't from their product. It has been a nightmare and it is very sad to know that I'm not the only one who went through this and this company is still selling these candles. They never once stepped up to say " OK maybe it could be our product" or " what could we do to help " I would never buy or nor do I every want to see a Gold Canyon Candle. I hope no one else has to go through what my family has gone through.
N  25th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have burned Gold Canyon Candles in my home and didn't experience that same problems as the above posters; however, I came across them in a search looking for selling opportunities, did a search for a consultant and didn't find any in my state. So, I though AhHa! a possible money maker. So, I contacted GC to see if I could get maybe just a couple of samples mailed to me as the closest person was another state away. I was told I would have to contact that person as they would have samples. As I was also told there were NO consultants in my state. Well, I took a gamble and ordered the start-up kit and was excited! I tried contacting the person who was my upline (the girl I signed up under) and didn't hear anything for 3 weeks! And then, it was just sorry it took me so long to answer, but I've been so busy with my kids and yada yada yada, but welcome to Gold Canyon! By then, I had already spoken to someone who sells the candles in another state who was helpful, and she couldn't believe I was just basically left alone with no help. She gave me some good advice, but apparently GC is not what the people in my region are looking for. I called the company back to complain that I basically had no help from my upline and asked them again how many consultants there were in my state, she then tells me "over 100." I was really upset and asked them why they didn't tell me that when I first contacted them to try the samples???? She couldn't give me an answer. If you go to Gold Canyon and search for a consultant, you will only get people who already have people signed up under them and are at a certain level. People just starting out as consultants and looking to get people to be signed up never show up on the search UNLESS you know their name. So, the person in Kansas gets all kinds of people signed under them with basically no effort on their part and then you won't hear anything from them, but yet if you make any sales they will get a percentage of your sales as well. While you struggle to get parties scheduled and also people signed up under you. I believe it's just all a big scam. Stay far, far away from this company.
N  10th of Sep, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I have been selling Gold canyon since 2009 and they recently got a new coputer system and a new selling goal called 9 for 9. That is 9 rolling months sell 900 of product. Well, I rushed to meet my goal in May when they said I had a 345.00 short fall. I had a 600.00 party . I thought good, I am good for a couple months. I was getting married and very busy plannning . I then got a post card the end of June stating I was falling 83.22 short of meeting my goal I was like what? I just did 600.00 and had a 500.00 party about 2 months prior to that. Well, They gave me the boot. I now cannot get a hold of anyone there via e-mail or phone and my upline says she is confused herself. There is no one to help or ask questions to. I have been committed for 4 years to Gold Canyon and this is the thanks I get. I even tried to reapply to sell but it refused to let me and said I was already being used in the program, but I cant order anything or book parties . I cannot even use my password to get on line. I am very sad and disappointed.
N  18th of Sep, 2012 by    -1 Votes
BUYER BEWARE - Be sure that you are DOCUMENTING everything with the bed bugs, then get your local Department of Health on it! Take pictures, keep a live bug in a jar for proof... Whatever you need to do - But call the department of health and have them come right away to your home to see it!!! We have paper work from the peope and dogs who came in to our home to inspect the situation and am forwarding those to the proper people, but it looks like we will be out $2625 in fees for this whole mess... I am gong to park a car with a HUGE bed bug on it in the parking lot of the mall and make it so people will not shop there... I am beyond ticked off at this point!
D  18th of Sep, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I have been with Gold canyon for 7 years and have never had an issue with a candle, I have had people who had issues with wicks from a bad batch, and GC took care of those right away for me with a simple exchange. As far as the carpeting having grey or black around the edges, that comes from a house breathing... It comes from having fires in fireplaces, burning candles and smoking - That soot is carried to the wall edges as the house breathes...

As for the person who cannot get into GC and was kick out, there is a requirement to sell $250 a month to maintain an active status, or $900 in a rolling 9 month period. If one of your previous months dropped off, you would have a shortfall... GC provides reports for us to know what we are required to do, but consistently selling $250 a month will keep you active all the time, with no need to read those reports at all... I am sorry that GC dropped you off, but you should also know that you can re-join GC for $20 and be active again with no issues. I had a girl get dropped because of this same issue and now that she understands the process better, she is making sure to just have her $250 so she doesn't have to worry about the 9 in 9... Personally I think the 9 in 9 is a dumb way to have business run.
N  3rd of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
Well Winstix this is what I have to say about your company. I was rooked in to becoming a consultant in August from the begining my website never worked and no one could place an order including me. I got no help from my team leader and put in numerous tickets of which none were ever answered stating my website was not working. I could not get through to GC nor would the fix the issue but was told by my team leader to deal with the hand I was dealt. I finally got the number for my district manager after threatening the company with a lawyer and she in fact told me they know my website has never worked and there was little they could do about it because there was a gltich in the system and my website got hooked up in the loop. I was being charged for a website that did not work and I lost a thousand dollars in sales due to your companies neglect to follow through. I was also told by the idiot who signed me up that my kit would only be 20 dollars plus shipping and then found out that I would be paying almost 180 dollars for it on my own. So I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau, reported the the credit card they were chargeing lost/stolen and since they were not willing to even give me one bit of money off my kit. Their charge for it was denied by my credit card company. I am hardly computer literate or the other 300 people that tried to order from my non working website as I was accused of by my team leader. I have sold everything from Mary Kay to Scentsy and their policy is to not take on new reps when they are having computer upgrades. You company basically sucks so get over it. The candles do leave soot and I dont have carpets stop trying to BS people about your products. All in all after all the aggravation I went through I will get my money back by selling what was in my kit but they will never ever get the money for my kit.
D  3rd of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
Sorry you feel that way Whit 63 - Would love to know who your team Leader is... They obviously did not tell you that you needed to sell your $700 in 30 days to earn your kit for free (otherwise you pay $149 total for the kit as listed on the attached picture) Even with our computer upgrades I have had sales of over $1500 this past month and $1000 already this month... my website was not working for a while either, but they fixed it and now it works fine... People get kits and don't pay for them all the time - that is nothing new to the company, they want what is in it, pay the $20 and then cancel their card - nothing new... Sorry you are disgusted, but there are lots of consultants who are making lots of money (like myself) and who are happy with our wonderful products... Best wishes with getting your issues resolved.


A  22nd of Oct, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I bought two candles last year from a friend, both lots of black soot, which in a white kitchen that I have scrubbed and scrubbed still isn't clean from the soot. I chalked it up to only those two, "bad wick" as someone here posted, and tossed them out. I decided to try them again this year, buying their wick trimmer thinking maybe it was the other one we own that didn't cut these 'special' candles correctly ( have always been a die hard Yankee Candle girl, being from New England)... I have followed their instructions with the candle sniffer and wick trimmer to a T, and still, tons of door. So annoyed... "Bad wick", I think not. I feel scammed, like a sucker to try them again. Well, never again. I am tossing them both, since I cannot possibly re-gift one, I wouldn't want someone else to have the same soot issue.
N  5th of Nov, 2012 by    -1 Votes
My house is COVERED IN BLACK SOOT FROM GOLD CANYON CANDLES! This company needs to be sued. My kids had black boogers in their noses, my white curtains turned gray and all my plastic wear is ruined. They have the nerve to say "it's not their candles!" BS! I was a consultant. Trimmed my wicks, dipped the wick to put it out etc. I didn't realize at first it was the candles doing it until I seen the spot coming from the heating and air vents!! It just so happened that when the fire captain did an inspection I had a gold canyon candle burning, he set a white plastic mixing bowl next to it, and within 20 minutes the fine silky black soot was ALL OVER IT! They need to be sued. And put out of business for the damage they have caused. I had about 40 clients say "it's ruined their walls and furniture"
A  25th of Feb, 2013 by    -1 Votes
I am enraged! The fire department just left my house because my wife feared possible carbon monoxide poisoning after we both experienced headaches and black nasal discharge while finding black soot all over our toilet seats, countertops, walls, blinds and tupperware. The fire department had no clue where it was coming from. We, of course, googled it and found this forum. Low and behold we have a candle that we received as a gift at Christmas that we just started burning last week. The soot was first noticed last week as well. After inspecting the candle we realized that it is none other than a c***** Gold Canyon Candle! Our walls are ruined! I'm about to lose my cool!
D  26th of Mar, 2013 by    +1 Votes
WOW! I am amazed at this site I just happen to stumble on. Black soot in your home, in your noses and on your carpets? Are u people serious? I have sold GC for over 10 years. Not one of my thousands of customers nor any of my thousands of downline have EVER complained about this ridiculous accusations. I have never, ever had any of those things happen to me. I have been burning Gold Canyon in my home for over 12 years.
D  26th of Aug, 2013 by    +2 Votes
I am really shocked here...I've been burning Gold Canyon for 13 years. I was a die hard Yankee fan and found their scent to not last and just an all around c*****, overpriced candle. I started buying Gold Canyon and never switched back. I've NEVER had black soot from them AND even had my ventilation system cleaned after already burning them for several years and I double checked with the guy to see if it was dirty or anything from the candles and he said it was just fine. I could see if you didn't trim your wicks, it could be black, but that's ANY candle. Not sure what was going on with all those other candles, but I've NEVER had a problem with them and will continue to purchase them for years to come!
N  26th of Aug, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Umm...wow! I have burning Gold Canyon for over 13 years. I use to be a die hard yankee fan, but started to find their scents not to last, be WAY overpriced and all around a c***** candle. I have NEVER had anything like what you are all describing. I even had my air vents cleaned once, and I asked that guy if he noticed anything from the use of the candles and he said no - and actually asked where to get them because he was impressed with it. I mean, any candle that doesn't get the wicks trimmed right can go black, so I just always trim my wicks. And, I mean, wouldn't you NOTICE the candle putting off black long before things started to get covered in soot, and wouldn't you stop burning it and call the company? I know any issue I've ever had - and very FEW - they've replaced the candle right away and I've not had any problems. I think any company can have a bad day, so why didn't you just get it replaced BEFORE it grew to the level you are describing. I will continue to buy them and hope that anyone reading this post doesn't take these handful of bad experiences and judge their decision to purchase or not based on this.
A  14th of Jan, 2014 by    -2 Votes
Time to Sue this company!
A  14th of Jan, 2014 by    -2 Votes
Thanks for the insight. I will not buy Gold Canyon. They are a scam! There candles make people sick!
D  22nd of Jan, 2014 by    +2 Votes
I love Gold Canyon and that is all I buy. I use to buy Yankee, but they are overpriced with crappy sent anymore...I love the pod burners and the Café Candles...I will NEVER stop buying them!!!
N  18th of May, 2014 by    +2 Votes
You people claiming soot filled nostrils and houses are INSANE!!! Especially to claim it from one candle! I have NEVER experienced any of these ludicrous claims in all my years burning Gold Canyon and or selling them! My guess is that you are with a competing company and are making up these false claims. I have also never had a problem getting help from the support team when I needed it.
N  21st of Jun, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I love Gold Canyon candles and have to say these accusations have to be coming from people who are trying to give the company a bad name because they are simply toooooo far fetched to believe!!! I as well as MANY of my friends all have GC candles that we have burned for years...they are the best and no different than any candle and in no way do they pose a problem to you or your house...crazy people make crazy accusations and there is nothing we can do but try to convey the truth about a great scented company! You be the judge - dont take the word of a few sue happy crazies!

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