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I purchased a game from and so has one of my friends. Specifically I purchased Gangsters: Organized Crime and my friend purchased Dungeon Keeper 2. Both are slated to function on a Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. Needless to say, neither game functioned on any of the three systems (yes I am an adult computer nerd who has all 3 systems and so do my friends/colleagues :) ). Per the website's recommendations, I ensured all my directX drivers were updated, attempted to run the software in 256 color mode, as an administrator, and run in different compatibility modes for all three systems. Not to mention I used several other methods that I am aware of to attempt to get the game to work (including bypassing introductory videos through the game configuration code). The DirectDraw components on the dxdiag check are enabled and functioning appropriately as will as the Direct3D components. My friend attempted the same and no matter what we tried we still could not get the software to run.

My friend and I both requested a refund from this store and we were both denied despite being well within the 30 day money back guarantee period. The only thing we were offered was store credit which is apparently only good for a year. How can we purchase a product that doesn't function and then our store credit money is only good for a year?

On the homepage of the website they specifically state that if the game does not function that they will issue a refund. Apparently this is not the case. Even with using the Steam website I only ever had one of Steam's games that would not run and they issued me a prompt refund.

Stay away from They DO NOT honor their "Money Back" guarantee. The lack of integrity they possess as a company is deplorable and their business license should be revoked and their server promptly shut down. Some others my have been able to get their software to run, but they are taking quite a risk with purchasing from this company. Remember just because one purchased software component worked this time, doesn't mean a newly purchased piece of software will work next time and at that point with this company, you are just up the creek without a paddle. Please refer to my e-mail correspondence below:

Hello Will,

I'm afraid that I'm unable to offer a refund for a game that was downloaded, unless there are game-breaking issues with it, and we're unable to help solve them through troubleshooting. If you do not wish to troubleshoot the problem, I can make an exception and offer to exchange the purchase into GOG store credit (valid for a year), which you could use towards any purchase on our service.
I appreciate your understanding, and please let me know how you would like to proceed.

If you wish to troubleshoot the problem, please tell me as much as possible about the issue, and send me your computer's DXDiag.txt file, so I could look into this problem in more detail.

To launch the DXDiag application, press the Windows Key + R type in "dxdiag" and press Enter.
In the DXDiag window, click "Save All Information...", then choose a location in which you want to save the file (your desktop, for instance).
Make sure to save the file as a .TXT file (this is the default option).
Once you have created the file, please attach it to a reply to this e-mail.

This video may prove useful if you're experiencing issues with generating yor report:
Best Regards,

GOG.COM Support

Hello Mr. Smutny,

I am sorry but on your website you guarantee the games will work or your money back. It is a money back guarantee on the home page that is valid for 30 days from date of purchase. This is not acceptable. I have not had this problem at all in relation to using the steam network. Most of the games they sell that require the XP operating system work just fine on my system including all the Hitman titles, several old titles from Cyberflix, etc. The only one that didn't work no matter what was tried was the first Max Payne title for which I was issued a prompt refund and had the game removed from my account. If this is to be the case then you need to remove the guarantee statement from your website. My friend who purchased one of your games (Dungeon Keeper 2) is also having the same problem with your software and cannot get it to run. Per you previous statement I consider a game that launches and has to close immediately due to unexpected errors a "game-breaking issue." To make sure it is not just my system, I have tested this software on three other systems (one utilizing windows vista, the other with XP, and the last with Windows 7 in a specified compatibility mode) and was still to unable run the software. As stated before I expect a refund per your money back guarantee.

Will Shaffer

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Apr 06, 2016

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