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I purchased a Cedar Pergola from Sams Club. It was too long for my vehicle so I was going to have it delivered. I went home and called Sams to set up a delivery. I spoke with a misinformed clerk who told me I needed to come in to the store to fill out a form. I said can't I just e-mail or fax it? She said no, it's three carbon copies pages. I asked can't I get it on line and send it back, I'll even sent it three times so you don't get confused. I ask to speak with a manager. Who faxed me the form, and also told me I could call the company directly to set up delivery and installation.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Minooka, IL I called Go-configure and was told fairy tales; I was told I could have it delivered now and call when the weather and ground are warmer for installation. I paid the $459.00. I was told I'd get a call in 24-48 business hours to schedule delivery. Five days later I called and asked about my delivery and this time am told they can't pick up, deliver or set up until the weather is 40 degrees for three consecutive days. I said well I was told I could get it delivered, and call back to get it installed when the ground thawed. Now you're telling me I can't get either? This is so typical of today's youth, they don't have a clue about business and/or customer service. I can't believe Sams even has dealing with a company that has such poor customer service.

Feb 07, 2015

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