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I just had one random thought about searching my own profile and wonder what it could return as a public information. Since I am not really into this, I searched for some recommendations from Google, of course. And so I get to visit the Go Look Website. I found the design fresh and the site easy to navigate. I searched for my own profile and was surprised to discover by chance that I have some unclaimed money. It was $150 but it was worth it. I really did not see it coming that the website could provide such a very relevant information. I am looking forward to having more transactions with Go Look Up.

Apr 07, 2017
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  • Vu
      Jun 05, 2018

    Hi!... My name's are

    First name & lust is Vusi Stanley
    Surname is Masondo.

    I need to understand on how this golookup works. becouse my question abaut it is that how do i be sure that it is really me from searching feedback if it doesn't ask for my ID numbers & it only require's (first name & lust name only & answering a couple of questions except my (ID number) for verification & after it tells you that there is your unclaimed money in my name waiting for me..

    Now how do i be sure that it is really my name's as there's so many (Vusi Stanley Masondo...

    Thank you!...

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