GlobalTranz Enterprisesregarding the load details

We have a complaint for the following 2 agents:

1. Robert Williams, president of PrimeTime Global Logistics.
2. Chris Kavanagh

Please contact us regarding the following case:

We booked a load with the agents, it is a round trip load. After we have finished the first half of the load, they are forcing us to get the overweight permits. There is no any single word about the load being overweight and the permits. Now they want to recover the other half of the load and do not want to pay us which is illegal. The load number is [protected]. We have been working with GlobaTranz for a long time, and we know that GlobalTranz provides quality services and reputable company. However, cases like this damage the reputation and need to be handled. Please contact the ITF LLC manager regarding this case as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Sam Burkhan

Nov 21, 2018

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