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Global Visas / no visa no fee sham

1 London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:

Approached this company for a visa on a no visa no fee basis. Told them i did not have documents to back up my case, they said it was no problem and they would take the case anyway. Now, no visa and they refuse to refund me. Avoid at all costs.

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  • Av
      12th of Feb, 2009
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    Acc. to Alexa, Global Visas has the most traffic, & it is supposedly one of the largest, if not THE largest visa immigration services in the world. I researched reviews online, & only found a few negative comments--all from India--& 1 or 2 positive comments. The Global Visas account manager was friendly & knowledgeable when I called their London office. So I hired them to help me sort out getting a Highly Skilled Worker (HSMP) visa to the UK.

    UNFORTUNATELY, Global Visas sr. case manager, Katarzyna Pasternyk, is disorganized, slow, & lacks any sort of empathy. She is unable to provide a roadmap of the application process, & two weeks after working with her, she has yet to tell me about the actual interview.

    She asks for letters from banks, employers & my landlord, but she does not give any letter samples or explain--what information they should contain, who needs to sign it, etc. The client must figure that out all on their own. I believe she tries hard, but her advice is confusing. In the last 2 weeks, I have spent about 50 hours on trying to contact Global Visas, trying to speak with Global Visas case manager Katarzyna, trying to understand what she is saying, trying to understand what I need & what the next steps are.

    I receive is a smattering of unintelligible comments written among my original questions (often without formatting that distinguishes where my email ends & Global Visas' comments begin).

    It's a simple question of knowing how to manage a project. Any event that requires a longer time to complete should be given adequate lead time so that all elements come together at the same completion date. Unfortunately, Global Visas sr. case manager Katarzyna Pasternak does not know how to do this. Example: I have bank accounts in the US, but I do not live in the US. After 1 1/2 weeks of consultation (I gave all my information on the first day), I was finally told that online bank statements were not acceptable, & that the bank statements needed to be original paper bank statements.

    My bank in the US is Citibank. To request a paper bank statement requires 2-3 weeks. They will mail it to your US address, but not your international one. You need to have someone receive it & re-send it to you. If I had known that from the beginning, I could have started right away on getting it. Better yet, Global Visas senior case manager Katarzyna Pasternyk should have been the one to advise me to do that. I am the client. Katarzyna’s response? Oh, just get the local branch to give it to you. They can’t? Oh, then ask them to stamp your printout of your online bank statement. She obviously doesn’t know that banks run independently of each other, country to country.

    I decided to email a formal complaint & requested a new case manager. I was told by Katarzyna Pasternyk's supervisor, Adrian Baxter, that he would only review my issue after I had filed a formal written complaint. I sent him a longer, more detailed complaint in a Word doc.

    Response from Adrian Baxter of Global Visas:
    "You hired Global Visas to assist you with your Tier 1 General application. We have provided you with advice & assistance in line with Home Office guidelines. ...I will not be able to reassign your case to a new Case Manager. I look forward to your response advising of how you wish to proceed." He did not offer any options.

    I replied to his email & requested to speak by phone. I WOULD go to his office, but I am not in London. He did not answer his phone any of the times I have called him, nor has he ever returned my voice mail. I have been waiting nearly a week for some response.

    It is possible that there are some really great people who work there. In fact, I'm sure of it, as I have never seen a company where there employees were all disagreeable. However, if you have the misfortune of getting an inexpert, disorganized, slow case manager at Global Visas, you will not have a proper channel to resolve your complaint.

  • Pr
      13th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Definitely agree on ur experience w/Global Visas! They sell a good game, but quality of work is not as promised.

  • Gl
      25th of Apr, 2009
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    I am also one of the persons effected by GlobalVisas attitude, they are very unprofessional in the way they handle the case. You are stuck if pay the initial amount, you are then completly stuck if you pay them the complete fees. After the complete payment the communication gap widens and they have I care a hang attitude. Mine was avery simple case which I could have filed on my on. Due to time constraint and other stress I thought of acquiring there services so that I could be rest assured that Professionals taking care of the case. Unfortunately I was wrong, Globalvisas is just a big name, My clear win win case was rejected by the HO & because globalvisas had put in wrong information.

    Can you believe this that for tier 1 general (HSMP) I gave Globalvisas quite a few documents to refer & only few crucial and releveant documents had to be attached. With my application they attached the entire bunch of documents that I had given, which did not have to do anything with the case. The initial photocopies that I sent them even those were attached. This shows they didnt work on it, they just filled any thing in the form & sent the entire bunch to HO. No win No Fees is a sham. If any was is planning to sue Globalvisas, please contact me & I would likle to part of the litigation. My email is

  • Ta
      23rd of May, 2009
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    Everything said in the forum is correct and I have faced the rut of Global Visas pathetic service and greed for money.

    I have therefore made an effort to complain to OISC against Global Visas, although it took nearly 8 month for them to reach a conclusion, finally Global Visas have been found to breach the following OISC codes:

    Code 34: All advisers must ensure that their clients are kept regularly informed of the progress of their case, and, at a minimum, clients should be updated at least every three months.

    Code 61: An adviser who charges for their advice or services must only charge a fee for which they are legally entitled.

    Code 62: Where monies or fees are taken, an adviser must keep accounts, including a distinct written record of the transactions undertaken for each client.

    Code 87: A client’s records must be made accessible to the client upon their request.

    Code 88: An adviser must, without delay, having regard to the urgency of the client’s business and to ensure that the client’s affairs are not prejudiced, give or send the client’s documents to the client or such other third party as they may request in writing.

    Future Action
    These breaches will be recorded and considered with any application from Global Visas for continued registration with OISC.

    Other Points
    The evidence in this case has demonstrated a breach of the Commissioner’s Code of Standards and has raised concerns with regard to Global Visas’ charging policy and the discrepancy between terms being offered to clients and Global Visas’ terms and conditions of business.

    I have the original letter with the full investigation report and verdict.

    However, OISC neither offered any compensation to me nor fined Global Visas for these breaches. Hence, I do not feel terribly happy but nevertheless hold a high moral and ethical ground towards my charges against them.


  • Bo
      23rd of May, 2009
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    I have faced the same problems like the ones mentioned above not being able to get my money back from global visas.I am shocked that oisc didnt even fine global visas for their breaches. what does it take for them to be taken off the list for recomended imigration advisers?How are they still be able to operate by conning people?

  • Lr
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    I agree. I used Global Visas for my application from Australia, and my case manager did not seem to be aware of the immigration rules. The whole process was extremely slow and disorganised, despite being under time constraints. After I paid my money, all my emails bounced back and I had no way of contacting them - I thought I'd been scammed! After a long process of not knowing what was going on, they just sent me my documents back with a cover letter. They provided no individual advice! During the initial phone conversation, I asked a question that I was concerned about and I was told "don't worry about it", which I found to be extremely unprofessional and unsound advice! After submitting my application, I received absolutely no follow up. They made the whole process far longer and more stressful than it needed to be; I should have just done it myself.

  • Jo
      18th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    they have lost all our documents and will not even speak to us.. these people are either hopeless or criminal .. we are starting to think they are criminals.

  • Le
      28th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Has anyone written to OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING about Global Visas...and Moreover, has anything positive happened in this respect?

    Has anyone out their managed to get a refund following their badly managed/unprocessed VISA applications from Global Visas?

    On a more positive note...How successful are GLOBAL VISAS... are there any success stories? Can anyone offer me a glint of hope?...

    I was told that all consultations would be by telephone and that my application would be straight forward. However, after many confusing telephone conversations I have got nowhere - In the meantime 8 months have passed, the goal posts keep changing and in spite of travelling 100 miles to visit their office - (with all the documents they had requested in hand) They are still asking for additional information?! I have great difficulty now getting to speak to my agent in fact after phoning three times today and being passed each time to a voice mail, I finally was told that my Agent is now in Australia setting up a new company/branch, and I have been asked to phone again when he returns as no one else can deal with me!
    I find that their EMailing system, with it's 'circular' style letters etc, confusing - It certainly isn't personal and specific to me. Why can't they communicate in a simple fashion.

    They had already taken £2, 800 from my credit card by direct debit, which was the full fee they quoted me. This week they have taken another £500 which they say they can't refund until I can get proof of payment from my credit card company!

    I feel like crying I am so stressed and frustrated.

    Any help or constructive advice would be welcomed.

  • Bo
      29th of Aug, 2009
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    cancel your credit card and get a new credit card imediately so they cant withdraw any further, no one had positive experience, my advice would be to take them to court to get the money back, I am going to court at the moment to get my fees back, if i win i will use my testimony against them for anyone who wants to take them to court, this company doesnt want to help you, they want you to sign a contract, give them your credit card details and after that they dont do anything, they show the credit card company your contract to withdraw money and they do nothing, they ignore your calls and emails, complain to the oisc but they dont do anything, they only draw a report after 6 months but they donttake them to court or take your money back, you have to comaplin to the office of fair trading as they can take them to court .i have 5 witness testimonies for my court case, if you want to give me yours write me on this site i will help anyone with advice

    if you think is a scam report it also to office of fair trading( it will take them months to investigate and they want a reasonable number of complaints so keep on complaining)

    If you think its a scam and want the OFT to investigate send it to:

    Scambusters Team
    Office of Fair Trading
    Fleetbank House
    2-6 Salisbury Square
    EC4Y 8JX

    also if you think you have been the victim of a fraud and they have miused your credit card details



    44 (0)20 7239 7388

    ALSO if you are concerned you are victim of fraud you can contact POLICE

    How to report fraud
    Fraud Desk
    Telephone: 020 7601 6999 (8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday)
    Fax: 020 7601 6938


  • Gl
      17th of Sep, 2009
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    Dear Valued Clients,

    If you feel we let down – We want to hear from you directly.

    If we have let you down we apologise. It is never our intention to let down a single client. We have put together this response to address the comments made about us. On this site. Firstly, it is difficult to address specifics of a case as we want to avoid disclosing any private information about any individual which may cause them any embarrassment.

    Dealing with any Immigration case can be a stressful time for a person. We know this from over 20 years experience and we also accept we are often in the firing line and have to break bad news to people if they do not qualify for a visa. Our team does offer our clients the best chance of success and we appreciate if you do not meet the required qualifications bad news is never nice to hear. If a person does feel let down by the legal system we aim to do our very best to explain everything as best we can.

    We are only human and even though 98.4% of our clients would refer their family to us it is possible we make the odd mistake out of 30, 000 cases per year. We want to learn from such mistakes and improve our service to you. If we have done absolutely everything we can and you still feel let down by the laws or our company, then we want to hear from you directly. We may not be able to change the situation but at least we can explain why not.

    We would like you to shared your feelings with us, as we work hard every day to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

    If an individual feels disappointed by the Immigration laws or our actions, we want you to know we care. That is why in our Client Care Letter and on our website we list all the governing bodies we are registered with around the world to investigate all complaints if you do not wish to speak with us directly. They will assess the complaint independently, and if we have let a client down these governing bodies will address it and ensure we correct the situation. We are Registered with more governing bodies world wide than ANY OTHER Immigration company.

    We receive over 4 million visitors to our website and complete over 30, 000 immigration cases each year. We send EVERY client a feedback form to let us know what they think of our service. These feedback forms are distributed once a month to our entire company. Currently 98.4% of clients say they WOULD use us again or refer us to their friends and family. The comments on those forms are on the Testimonials page of our website.

    Due to our clients’ on going support we are the largest and fastest growing Visa company in the world.

    We are registered with more quality assurance governing bodies world wide than any other Immigration company.

    We win cases other can not.

    We are great listeners and really do care about you very much. Take the time to come and see us and we can sit down and listen to everything that is on your mind. We have several quality checks in place and also some of the highest skilled and best qualified Immigration law experts in the world. With over 100 staff world wide we operate a strict refund policy as mentioned in our Client Care Letter.

    We obviously cannot respond to any specific issues on this site but we do want to hear from you.

    On the issue of payment. We make our fees clear to all clients before we do any work and we explain everything in our client care letter. Offer payment plans for people who can not pay our full fees in one payment and do our best to accommodate our clients but, we can not work for free. Taking our knowledge and expertise and expecting not to pay for our service is unacceptable and we are certain 99.9% of clients would agree. If we allowed a person to take our services without payment all our other clients would suffer as their fees would need to increase to pay for the tiny percentage of people who believe it is right to take without payment.

    Thank you in advance for getting in touch if you have anything to say to us. We look forward to receiving your email at We have put up this special email address to make sure if you have anything to say you can come straight through to us.

    If like what we do tell others, but if don’t tell us. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.


    Customer Services

  • Ar
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    Can any one please let me know how many Indian rupees are the Global visa's people charging for UK Tier1 visa?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Ar
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    The Global visas Indian mainline phone number 91 11 46525555 published on their website is not at all working, when dialed it says the phone number is invalid.

    Any curse in it?

  • Al
      24th of Sep, 2009
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    I had my case submitted with Global Visas . It was handled by some immature and ignorant lady 'Katarzyna Pasternyk'. Her level of service was a disgrace and she does not know anything about immigration, messed up all my original documents.

  • Bo
      30th of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    To people who dont know where to complain and they I have an idea: why dont you contact the daily mail news paper in the United Kingdom, they can run a story about the scam that Global Visas are running. So why dont you write your complaint to newspaper reporters, they would love a good story to investigate. For all the people who dont know where to send their complaint I have put together the email addresses of Daily Mail reporters, just send your complaints to the following email addresses( you can mention in your complaints that Global Visas has unfair terms in the contracts they offer to their clients, terms trapping their customers into paying full fees but Global Visas having no obligations at all in case of bad advice given – they call it expertise- or in case they would delay your visa or not return calls and emails):

    so keep on complaining to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Remember if you dont complain nothing will change so lets get this company investigated properly by the newspapers

  • Sa
      27th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Hii...does any one know to whom I can complain about Gloabal visa's in India, because I am one of the sufferer for being their client. They have taken almost half of my money and had done nothing on my case. When I analyzed finally I came to know that I was trapped in their wrong guidance. When I asked them to return my money they simply replied me a system generated kinda email saying that they are not gonna return the money. Please anyone help.

  • Vi
      15th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I had applied for fiancée visa for U.K. For this purpose I contacted Global Visas and to my astonishment they were excellent. The Global Visas staff explained me everything to which I really need to know. I already knew that the processing times for U.K. settlement visa applications vary, but generally within around one to three months. Global Visas people processed my visa within two months.
    I suggest Global Visas which has a team of highly experienced and professional immigration consultants who will strive to make the process for you and your loved one as easy as possible.
    I'm happy to know that Global Visas image getting back to its real one. I’m totally quenched and fazed by the services and behavior of the Global Visas's staff. Global Visas fraud, Global Visas complaints, Global Visas review - these all are an EYE-WASHER.

  • Ju
      1st of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes



    Disqualified From: 01/08/2008 To: 31/07/2013

  • Bo
      7th of Apr, 2010
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    can you tell us something else that we already know for a year? we know you only woke up like one second ago but please come up with something new, we already knew he had a company and was original...

  • Ba
      20th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Now I am so glad that really pushy person upset me over the phone just right now, it made me to look into Global visas a bit better. Their ad came on somewhere during my search on the web, and as we are planning to move to Canada in the next few years, I thought i give it a try, and find out what we need to be grounded the visa. Since then all I'm having is pushy phone calls, I told the guy when he called me first that I need to talk to my partner, he gave me the weekend, but when he called on Monday unexpectedly we had a flood at work and I was snowed under. I told him that I'll give him a ring latter, as I really don't have time to talk and he was ringing me in every hour. Today a different person called me, after I've been sick whole night and after I told the first guy that I'll look into this after Christmas, this guy was awful. He phoned me, and then hung up on me, saying he's busy. Then called again and after I told him that I'm really not well and would like to have this conversation when I'm better, he told me that if I don't do it now I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever have the opportunity to go to Canada, well that made me so angry, and I told him where to go to with his attitude. I felt bad, so I thought I take a look at this company and boy I'm glad I did. I feel sorry for you guys, but it is a good thing that you post your feedback, as on their website only positive ones appear. It saves others making the same mistake. It is very unfortunate that we only read feedbacks after something bad happened to us. I normally do that, but this time that guy angered me so much, just wanted to know if I didn’t make a mistake, and I didn’t. Thank you guys and I hope your visas got sorted after all and now you live you’re dream in the country where you want to be. Good luck to everyone.

  • Sa
      25th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    ***HIGHLY IMPORTANT*** We can bring down Global Visas Guaranteed
    Global Visas SCAMMED me £2500 and im now fed up of them. Its time to take action.
    Global Visas get 100% of their customer from Google Advertising. You can STOP Global Visas by simply following the steps below and complaining to Google about your experience. Please follow the steps. It takes no more than 3 minutes of your time.

    1. Goto the following website
    2. Type in your name and email and choose the complaint type as "Business advertised through AdWords"
    3. Press continue
    4. Fill in the details of your complaint and tell them about the scam the Global Visas are comitting.
    5. Click Submit

    THATS IT! Google will review all the complaints and they will stop Global Visas from comitting any further fraud.

    Please copy and paste the above instreuctions to as many websites as possible.

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