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On 27th October 2008 a 40' container was contracted to arrive at our house and escrow closed on 29th October to transport our personal items to Mallorca, Spain. We received an e-mail (not decency of a phone call) on 25th October to inform us that the container was cancelled. GOF could not find a container ship destined for La Palma (Canary Islands) 1, 000 miles away instead of the port of Palma de Mallorca. I gave GOF details of container ships sailing from Houston and San Francisco to Barcelona and advised that the container could clear customs there then be placed on a truck and ferry to Palma de Mallorca. GOF refused and insisted that our personal items be put into storage charging double handling into storage, storage charges and double handling out of storage for an indefinite period. Having seen a complaint re GOF on the internet we cancelled within the 72 hours contracted time and asked for a refund of our deposit. The mental and physical strain was the worst ever experienced. Stephanie was off hand and less than helpful. Fortunately a friend collected some of our items and stored them for us but we had to give away more than $8, 000 of items, including a snooker table, Wurlitzer...See Top 10 Worst Companies in Plantation, FLThen, not being US residents we had to leave and return in January to oversee the shipping of our items by another shipping agent who was excellent.
We have not received a refund on our deposit, air fares and hotels have cost at least $4, 000 plus the $8, 000 items we had to give away due to the short time we had to empty the house before close of escrow.
The Better Business Bureau were completely useless and a waste of time, I put my case to the Attorney Generals Office 3 times via e-mail without even an acknowledgement. Unfortunately I am very disappointed in Florida's attitude to scam companies and would have expected better. To go to the small claims court would mean flying back to USA incurring flight and hotel costs in order to attend and then possibly more appearances there - ie.another few thousand dollars.
I was advised by Eti (CEO of GOF) that I could claim on their insurance so I rang the insurance company who stated that they had not received the annual premium payment for 2 years and put me in touch with another company - they only insured the office building. I was given the run around.
I believe they are now out of business and hope that they can live with their consciences and are not allowed to start up in business again. Norma Green

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  • Ja
      Jul 28, 2009
    Ocean Ave Motel - Terrible employees
    Ocean Ave Motel
    United States

    Very rude employee who should have been fired. Try another hotel and stick with a name brand.

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  • Dl
      Jul 29, 2009

    You didnt even say what happend. Fired for what? Rude how?

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  • Se
      May 02, 2011

    The Owner/ Attorney
    Global Ocean Freight, Inc.
    100 NW 82nd Ave.
    Suite 302-303
    Plantation, FL 33324
    Tel: [protected] x 10
    Fax: [protected]
    Toll Free: [protected] x 10

    Subject: Payment of our outstanding dues US$ 2, 045

    In the month of October 2008 your firm asked for the destination services in
    Karachi, Pakistan for your customer Mr. Mahfooz Rehman Job # 14317 and in
    November for Mr. Malik Mohammad Hasan, Lahore, Pakistan Job # 14372.

    The Job # 14317 completed in late December 2008 while Job # 14372 completed
    in the 2nd week of February 2009.

    Our terms of service is the payment before arrival / delivery of the
    shipment and therefore in the mean time we issued two invoices for the jobs
    for US$ 620 and US$ 1425 respectively which are attached herewith. Our
    accounts department was continuously in touched with your staffs Ms. Keren
    Morali and Ms. Stephanie Bodner but the payments were delayed by telling us
    that soon Global would make payment.

    We provided excellent services to your clients and were waiting for our
    payment but to our surprise that we received email from Ms. Bodner informing
    us that your firm is out of business. The email is append below:

    “Shahid, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, Global Ocean Freight
    is in process of going out of business. We have been asked to have all
    claims sent to [protected] and either the owner or attorney's will be
    getting back in touch with you.”

    This is totally unacceptable situation as during the entire period of the
    service your staff postponed payments by giving different excuses time and
    again and never in any stage mentioned the position of your firm and
    delayed it until the shipment reached to destinations. We provided services
    in good faith and considered you as reputed member of HHGFA, USA

    Please note it is highly unprofessional attitude on part of Global Ocean
    Freight, Inc for delay or non payment of one of its counter member firm of

    You have already taken full payment from your above named clients, paid to
    various firms including shipping but held the payment of destination service
    provider i.e. Seagull Freight Logistics. It will be highly appreciated if
    you pay destination services charges as well,

    We, therefore, advise you to immediately clear our outstanding dues of US$
    2, 045, failing which we reserve the right to bring this issue in all
    possible forums including HHFFA, IAM and other world bodies.

    Please acknowledge receipt of this email and let us know when are you making
    the payment of US$ 2, 045.

    With Regards

    Shahid Adhami

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  • Ad
      Jan 17, 2013
    Global Ocean Freight - Money was taken out of my bank account.
    Global Ocean Freight
    United States

    I had submitted an order from Global Ocean Freight over the phone for total amount of $ 36.95 including freight which was $6.95. I had spoken to salesperson over the mobile phone. I have paid by using my credit card. I have not received my order yet but the money was taken out of my bank account.

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  • Ba
      Nov 25, 2013

    We have been having similar issues with Stephanie Bodner and the new company where she is working "Cargo Experts" they have taken our money and have disappeared and won't pick up our calls.

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  •   Sep 18, 2014

    This is very likely a group of scammers rather than a genuine business.

    Domain Name: GLOBAL-OC.COM
    Creation Date: 03-may-2012
    Expiration Date: 03-may-2015

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  • Do
      Jul 29, 2016

    Global Ocean Freight is/was a pure scam company. I Hired them to do a move from Michigan to san andres island colombia and paid them over $3, 600. San Andres is a duty free island and they have direct deliveries there weekly. They shipped everything that my family had to the mainland where they got hit with over $1, 500 in taxes then had one of there contacts sell/take everything! I lost my visa and my $80, 000 home because I could not start my new company on the island! I lost the only photos of my dead mother a new quad runner, everything that my family had!!! The people of San Andres island lost new jobs. Also I talked to a different person there and they did the same thing to her! Three attorneys contacted them and they refused to talk to the attorneys that I paid.

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