GetDivorcePapersnon refund when eligible to be refunded in 2015

Hi my name is Dawn Evans... [protected], [protected], [protected] Pray To Hear From You... I filed the paperwork and paid the $129 + fees in 2015. It took me 7 hours to complete the forms. It was taking far to long to get back to me. I called and spoke to someone about a refund. It wasn't settling correctly in my stomach or mind due to the time they started to take once receiving my money. They were in constant contact and capable of being reached until that point, for any Q&A. I had to reach out to an Alliance that would try to retrieve my refund and they couldn't reach them. Their initial refund guidelines just stated 100% GUARANTEED. When FINALLY reaching someone at, I was told of a, I'm quite certain, 60-90 day refund guideline. I explained that even though it took so long to reach them. I'm still eligible for the refund. I had to explain to them that I no longer at internet for some time. I had been told, "You need to sign into your account and opt for the refund.". It was stated AGAIN that the internet was down and that was impossible. Here I am 2018 and still never refunded. The Alliance I had spoken to also stated after a few months that they couldn't reach them either. If I heard from to reach out to the Alliance again. Again, once opting for a refund they were no longer reachable. Their number, e-mail for support... [protected]... [protected]
Thank You Very Much For Your Time, Concern, & Help. I Very Much So Appreciate Your Assistance,
Dawn Evans

Dec 12, 2018

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