Genie Bra / Worst Customer Service EVER

United States

I cannot believe how awful this has been with Genie Bra. I spent months looking into either getting the genie bra or the ahh bra. I was recently at a Bed bath and beyond near my house nearly 2 months ago when i noticed they had the genie bra, so i grabbed a 2x (which it clearly stated that it would fit me i'm a l/xl shirt. Got it home and no surprise it didn't fit, so i returned them the following day. I came across a forum of where a actual genie bra person from customer service was helping everyone with their issues with the bras (mainly wrong sizes.) I told the person of what happened and they told me that i would need to go up a size or so. so when i called to order they said that they didn't have the 4x in stock. within 24 hours i received a call from them (don't know how they got my number except from the call i placed the night before to the call center for ordering.) They offered me a GREAT deal so I thought to myself, "Ok this sounds great" ( which i knew there was going to be a catch somewhere.) The man that i was speaking with i told him that i would need a 4x as i had just bought a 2x from a store near my home and it didn't fit at all. He steadily told me no that i would need a 3x over and over and over again. So finally i told him that i guess we could do the 3x as long as if it didn't fit i could get the 4x no problems involved. He clearly stated that when i received the 3x's if they didn't fit just to call back in and let them know and that they would send out the 4x's before i could return the 3x's. Well i did the purchase on March 13, 2012, I received the bras on March 21st and n surprise they didn't fit ( AT ALL!) I immediately called in the the call center and told them what happened they sent me a return label which i had to go print off and the fedex place near my home ( so i spent money on that) and sent the return in the mail the following day. I steadily check their order status to see when they will be sending out my new bras.. nothing .. All the website says is that it's "in process." I called twice got the run around both times everytime i asked to speak to someone over them they could never do it.the first man i spoke with assured me that there was nothing wrong and that it didn't state on their computer of inventory that there was a backorder, so i believed him. The last woman i spoke with on the second call stated that the item was on backorder and that they should be receiving a shipment of them soon, to just wait and they would send me out an email when they are being shipped to me i asked why i was never told of that and she couldn't give me an answer. finally i emailed the person i talked to in the beginning that told me to go up a size they emailed me a few times (got an attitude with me over nothing) but when it came around to me asking about when i might receive my shipment i never heard from them again. That happened about a week ago. Well today i went on their website and sure enough it said "in process" still. that was the last straw i called, lady i was speaking with told me that they were on extreme backorder and that it would be another at least 3-4 weeks before they might even receive the size, but they are not sure because they are actually thinking about eliminating that size with lace. so she was was saying not to worry i would receive them in a few weeks, i corrected her and told her no! you mean around 2 months right cause the shipping takes about 2 weeks itself, after they finally receive them. i demanded an answer as to why none of the times i spoke to people i was never told about the backorder and possible elimination of the the size i need ( ones with lace). she also admitted that she couldn't give me an answer either. So i told them i wanted a refund of my money. Still in shock as to how TERRIBLE their customer service was to me.


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