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Genesis Media Labs / Fraud and cheating

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Ok I wasn't buying it but after speaking with the police, some folks in my town are getting taken. We were approached as we walked out of a sporting goods store in the typical White Van Scam you will see on the internet, same story too. They claim to be 'installers' with an extra sound system that they cant bring back to their boss, I call BS right away. They claim to be from Seattle and can't run their audio package home so they want to sell the $4000 system for $600. These guys looked meth'd out, sniffing and talking fast, as I wondered why a guy claiming to be from Seattle had California plates, which I memorized and gave to the police.

This is not a good deal, they are preying on honest folks for their hard earned money. Stay far away from these kind of deals, these guys are fakes and liars.

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  • Ma
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    A guy with red hair and a red beard in a white van shouted over to me and my friend in aztec highway parking lot in salt lake city, utah and said 'this might sound a little weird but do you guys want to buy some speakers?'.

    At first we thought he just wanted to give them to us. But then he said they are a home theater system with a msrp of $1999, and he had a magazine with the exact upc# and picture and everything. He had about 5 of these in his car and that he got one in an error so he was really in need to get rid of it. He said he was really in the need for cash and that he was ready to take best offer. i told him $50 and thats all i had. He asked if I could do 200$ or something. He said he would take a check, cash or anything and asked if I had a debit card I could pull like another $100 out or something. I actually had $100 dollars on my unemployment card so he followed me to the bank where I pulled the money out and asked to see them again.

    Even though I never heard of the brand name, they looked really legit, Still had the production tape on them and everything. I had him open them up and they looked good so he helped put them in the back of our car and I gave him my 150$.

    He said if he ever sees me around like at the steve miller race track (here in tooele where I live) that i owe him a beer or something. I went to their website ( and even that looks legit, but come to find out it's not.

    Everyone beware of this scam!

  • Ni
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    Two guys pull up next to me asking if i wanted a surround sound system. Thinking they were free, i pull over and before i know it im 'negotiating' a deal. Lucky for me (in this case anyways) i was recently laid off my job and had about $120 on me. The guy wanted it all and was really pushy into getting me to an ATM, but i had no account. I was reluctant to hand over the full $120 seeing i had no income.

    I negotiate them for $80 dollars and thought to myself 'wow my luck, i might be able to flip this into real profit'. After doing some research i realized that i had been scammed, but was some sort relieved that it was only $80. It could have been way worse. The speakers stood around my house for a while until i had a yard sale and sold them for $50, the most i think they are actually worth! Yeah they got me for $30, but hey, small price to pay for a scam thats gotten people for much more $! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

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