GearBest / original xiaomi mi 20000mah mobile power bank quick charging

Shenzen, China
Contact information:

Commodity Price : $29.69 
Insurance: $1.59 
Tracking Number: $1.99
Total cost = $33.27:
I decided to purchase the tracking no. and shipping insurance to ensure that my package is carefully handled and if lost in shipment, a guaranteed refund will be given me at no extra cost. (Tracking and shipping insurance is very necessary if the worth of the item is such that it will be too painful to loose/damaged in shipment. This is an aspect many buyers overlook and later complain when their precious order has problem with shipping).
Order Date = 27/02/2016
Ship Date = 05/03/2016
Delivery Date = 23/03/2016 (18 days transit to Nigeria via Netherlands Post. Tracking no. is RC458233883NL).
I have confirmed that this is an original Xiaomi via authentication code on mi website.
Charging duration of the power bank = 6hrs 55mins with Blitzwolf QC2.0 charger. With 1A charger, it takes about 20hrs.
The power bank charged my 4000mAh android phone from 0 - 100% for about 3 times.
The protection circuit is robust. It triggered off when a faulty charger discharged dangerous excess voltage into it. It promptly stops charging whenever a faulty device is connected into it.
It took a total of 26 days from the date of order to arrive. On the average, it takes 18 days for shipment with tracking to reach me from China.


Jul 28, 2016

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