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I was contacted by GC Services (12/2008) re; court fines from an accident that took place 17 years ago (1991). I paid all of my fines, etc., which cost me $1800.00 (paid in full). That was that, I was done, right? Now thay are trying to get that $1800.00 again. Treatening me with all kinds of things if i don't pay up. It states in the statement sent, that GC is an "enforcement" company, not stating that they are a "collections" agency. They must be desperate to try these underhanded techniques, not to mention, belittling mine & others intelligence. They need to be put out of business! Better yet, they should pay out to those they have illegally harrassed. They also stated that they have DMV helping to locate me. GC already has my address, they sent the statement. Idiots!

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      21st of Feb, 2009

    GC Services is out of control. They threaten and harass you on the phone and this continues to happen when you ask them to refrain from calling you at work or home. The company that they are trying to collect from agreed to my repayments a year ago. I am currently under agreement with that company through Consumer Credit Counseling Services. My payments have been prompt. I was surprised to receive the calls and letters from GCServices, especially when the representative told me that I was delinquent and the company that I owe did not accept my terms for repayment. Of course, I was in tears and tremendously upset about what the representative was saying to me. I immediately called CCCS and they reassured me that all my payments were made on time and they had the agreement with the company. I referred to my statements and all payments were on time, I was blindsided by the comments of the GC Services Representative. I was counseled by CCCS to file a compliant with FTC, which I did. GCServices should be put out of business.

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      22nd of Jun, 2009


    Contact Information
    Address: 6330 Gulfton St.
    Houston, TX 77081-1108
    Phone: 713-777-4441
    Fax: 713-777-6619

    Key People
    • Chairman and CEO: Gerald B. (J. B.) Katz
    • President: Frank A. Taylor
    • SVP Operations: Mark A. Schordock

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  • Wh
      31st of Aug, 2009

    The only way GC Services gets your account in the first place is by the original creditor... that is who you need to contact...GC Services receives your account from original creditor...If you have a credit card or ticket you NEED to take it up with original creditor... GC is just doing thier job. If your original creditor sent it to collections...TAKE IT UP WITH THEM...DUH!

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