Gautrainridiculous customer treatment

This morning, 27 November 2018, at Park Station I was stopped from drinking water from a transparent water bottle which could definitely not be mistaken for drinking coffee, cold drink or soup. It is ridiculous that you do not allow your customers to drink water. I want to know why? One of your security guards, Kabelo Khumalo showed me a notice on the wall which has nothing to do with drinking water. This is a ridiculous rule by Gautrain.

A while back, I was travelling from Pretoria to Sandton, the cables between Centurion & Pretoria were stolen; so there were ridiculous delays. I was extremely hungry as I have had meetings that morning, so I bought a meal at McDonald next to Pretoria station and put it in my bag. We waited too long for the next train, I took out my food and ate. The security approached me to stop me from eating. It is so unfair that Gautrain can delay us as customers by over an hour and we cannot inconvenience them by eating when we have been waiting that long. Stop treating your customers in an inhumane way, listen to the reasons why a person is doing what they are doing and stop being ridiculous with double standards.

Nov 27, 2018

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