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From the day I purchased my car(17-May-2015) my car has a water leakage problem.I complained a no of times. About 3 times I took my car in competent for the same problem. Every-time they promise me that water will not cm inside car by whenever I wash my car with water or its raining outside water comes inside through the front right speaker mesh.Also I fitted all the accessories through showroom-competent, at the time of purchase so please don't give the reason that its due to speaker fitment or anything else.

My advise is to no buddy could purchase or service there cars from gracia infiniti

Jun 16, 2016
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  • Mo
      Aug 08, 2016

    fraud company and fraud sales consultant Patrick hornef

    I just bought a 2016 Garcia Infiniti. From I bought that Car I have been going back and forth to the shop with different issues. The AC or heat was not working. The latch of hood needed to be replace and now the cruise would stop with me stopping the car. I was in the middle of traffic when car stop. I had my young kids in the car when the car would not move. I had to turn off car then turn on for the car to move. The car kept on doing it. I took it to the shop. Now I have to wait 4 weeks to get my car back cause Hyundai don't know what's the problem. But yet still I was told several people complaining about same issue. If you have a 2016 Garcia Infiniti please be careful. It's not safe.

    My Sales consultant is Patrick Hornef 505-307-1628 here is big liar never buy the car to that company

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  • Yo
      Aug 09, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    10 year insurance holder with Garcia Infiniti, one accident claim history and My Very Basic Non-Collision Coverage Auto Policy Premium is still over $5000 a year. Customer service is the worst, Sales Consultant is a worst i contact the sale consultant Patrick Hornef they stop picking my call and never reply my sms I have ever seen or heard in all businesses. Better everything Garcia Infiniti to include much lower auto insurance premiums and a lot fewer commercials. Boo hoo for You Garcia, boo hoo for You!

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  • Th
      Aug 09, 2016

    I purchased a 2016 Garcia Infiniti Sport from this dealership on July 9th 2016 from sales person Patrick Hornef that was my Big mistake. I came to Garcia especially because they were offering 10% interest and were offering the exact car that I was looking for in their online advertising. However, the vehicle could not be located and it was eventually disclosed the car had been sold about 6 months previously. In looking around the lot, I found a similar model with a window display tag stating "Garcia Infiniti SUPER sales Event, $28, 556". (This was a demonstrator car which was manufactured in June 2015 - already a year old.)

    This is the car I wound up taking. However, I did not get the displayed $28, 556 price. Instead, I wound up being charged $33, 534 - plus, I am still being charged interest! If I had realized this at the time, I never would have signed for the car; I assumed the sales agreement reflected what had been discussed with my sales person Patrick Hornef and what had been shown on the sales tag. I only became aware of this discrepancy when I checked the paperwork following contact with the finance company. Also, I had been promised a veteran's discount, which I did not receive, even though I traveled back home to get a copy (a 40-mile round trip). Do not buy from Garcia Infiniti. Do not believe their ads, sales person or even there showroom. These people missed their calling, they should have been politicians and liars nothing else.

    The Cheater Person photo attached stay away from them this is big fraud and liar person i found ever in my history stay away this liar person

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  • Mi
      Aug 09, 2016


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  • Kh
      Aug 10, 2016

    Garcia Infiniti is the worst dealer ever. Ever since I purchased a car with them, it’s been problem after problem. I have taken the car to their showroom and have left it for up to three days, several occasions where they said they would fix it. And when I get the car back, it still has the same problem which means they didn't do anything to it. There sales advertise that all cars have three years warranty on motor transmission and AC. Well, I have taken my car with transmission failure and all they say is, “I test drove it and checked the transmission, and there’s nothing wrong with it.” That’s a lie because as of right now, my car has completely stopped, and won’t go forward - only in reverse. They don’t want to do anything to fix it knowing the car has 3 years of warranty supposedly.

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  • Lu
      Aug 10, 2016

    Worst runaround I have had in my many years of buying cars. First they bait and switched me, then sold the car I signed a contract for and kept my deposit for 12 days. I would avoid this garcia infiniti dealership at all costs as there are many of their competitors you can buy from.

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