Garcia InfinitiPatrick rich and patrick hornef are scammer

I purchased a certified 2012 Infinit to Garcia on 12/29/16. Two weeks or so later when I had the fluids checked, the mechanic checking the fluids found a leak next to the transaxle case plug and a seal for the transaxle case. I informed the Sales Manager, Patrick Rich and he started swearing at me about how hard he busted his A## to get the deal done. That is problem one. Problem two is I tried to contact corporate 6 times over the course of 6 weeks to no avail. Problem three is that the transaxle fluid is in need of changing and if they indeed did an inspection, they should have found that. Before I even took it off the lot, a check engine light came on and the ignition coil needed to be replaced.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Albuquerque, NM Again, if they had done the inspection, they should have found it. I also have tried to contact the finance department to find out the expiration date of the certified warranty and in two weeks, I never heard back from them. I called for status on the repair numerous times on 1/16 and as of noon, Mountain time, they could not give me a status. At Noon, they had the vehicle in their possession for 5 hours.

Very bad customer and sales services Patrick Rich and Patrick Hornef, Personally recommended not to go garia infiniti they are scammer and treated there customer very badly they insane your family as well as you money, Thief of the picture is attached for reference never ever deal with this

Garcia Infiniti

Jan 18, 2017

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