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I opened a Gander Mountain MasterCard a little over a year ago with plans to buy a gun safe or a GPS. After earning over $200 I shopped for a safe. I found a great price on one at a local store that Gander Mountain did not carry so bought it and planned on getting the GPS. They had a limited selection but I liked the Garmin Oregon 600T they had clearance priced at $399.94. I found the same exact model on sale at Cabela’s and another online retailer for $250 with free shipping. I called Gander Mt to price match and place my order. They first verified it being the identical item and the price then told me they could not price match. I spoke with a supervisor who told me the same thing and told me the best he could do is take $20 off. What good are $200 worth of credit if you are paying $130 plus tax more for the identical item. I sent letters to both the corporate office and sales office 3 weeks ago with printouts of both ads for comparison. No reply. I have no choice other than buying the GPS and basically losing $130 of my credit or buy other items. Either way, once I make my purchase I will close my account and never shop there again.

  • Updated by Warren Bartholomew, Jan 12, 2017

    First, they do not match prices of other seller's clearance items, this was a sale price on both Cabela's and the other site. They stated the price was below their cost however refused to tell me what their cost was or be willing to bring the price down to their cost..

Jan 10, 2017
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  • Po
      Jan 12, 2017

    I believe you misunderstood what I said. Their policy means that any items that are on clearance at Gander Mountain cannot be price matched with the same item at any price at another store.

    I would say the majority of companies, if not all of them, would not tell you their cost. Additionally, why would they want to sell an item at a 0% profit? If they sold items at no mark-up the company would close quickly.

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  • Wa
      Jan 12, 2017

    @pobarjenkins I beg to differ; When they refer to clearance items they are talking about items the other retailer is having a clearance on as it is frequently below their cost and not a true "sale" price. The fact that GM has it as a clearance item would have no bearing as it does not effect their cost. As for not telling me their cost or selling an item for zero profit, if they are making the offer to match price unless below their cost, they are agreeing to match the price even at their cost, just not a loss. They cannot stand behind this offer and use the reason they will not match is due to their cost without revealing the cost. Otherwise, they could always say "we can't because it's below our price" and never price match.

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  • Po
      Jan 14, 2017

    @Warren Bartholomew I suppose I cannot speak for Gander Mountain, but every retailer I have worked at is referring to their own clearance items.

    Their policy states "We reserve the right to make final judgment calls on all price matches under this policy. " Essentially they are able to refuse whatever they want at the end.

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