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I reported an issue on January 30th for a game I was trying to play: Delicious - Moms vs Dads, and the game was freezing on different days on Level One (the store). I reported this issue to Youda Games, the site from which I downloaded the game, and then remembering that Gamehouse's name is on the banner for the game, I contacted your support as well.

I received a very nice response from Youda with a couple of questions, and I shared the DxDiag they were looking for as well as the results of the tests I had run; tests that proved that the freezing issue ONLY occurred in Level One. If I was able to get past Level One (with repeated game restarts to accomplish this), I was able to play ALL other game levels with absolutely no issues.

The Gamehouse support person, Nico, on the other hand was okay to start with the DxDiag, and then I received a recommendation to upgrade my video driver which I cannot do because I do not have an Internet connection. The ticket finally degraded into accusations about my making "assumptions" and flat out insinuating I was lying when I was doing neither. I am an IT professional with over 30 years experience in software and software issues -- not in the gaming industry but in mainstream ERP and Saas applications / systems, I am well versed in system issues, both browser related and client server, as well as desktop and laptop concerns.

Nico said: "If you have downloaded the game to play, then your computer must have access to the Internet."

This demonstrates how inexperienced Nico is, as one statement does not support the other. It is very workable to download a game to a flash drive (when one does not have an Internet connection at home) and then take the flash drive home and install on the home desktop. I, myself, have used this method for several years as affordable and reliable Internet service is not available where I live.

Meanwhile, I received a pleasant, complimentary email back from Youda Games support, thanking me for my testing efforts (something I have done professionally for years), letting me know that my information was helpful, that there was an update scheduled to be released, and promising to send me a link when it is available.

As I also informed Nico that I am not the only person complaining about the freezing issues in this game; that several sites I have visited have a very low rating of this game with the primary reason being program freezes and people not being able to get past Level One.

Nico's final response to me was that since I didn't download or install the game from your site, never mind that your company name is all over it, he wasn't able to provide me any further assistance.

Not really surprising, I suppose given the accusations that were challenged as being unsupportable and completely false. However, I am truly surprised at the lack of professionalism by this company.

As a test, I installed this same game, same downloaded file, onto my laptop, which is a 64-bit machine with the same version of Windows 7 and ALL updated drivers.

Would it surprise you to learn that this game STILL FREEZES in the same places as on my desktop, despite having up-to-date drivers?

Given my extensive IT technical support experience, it does not surprise me at all.

Mar 05, 2018

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