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Good day,

I would like to share my distasteful and horrible encounter I had experienced with the STORE SUPERVISOR Thuli...On Saturday I went to the Store to do an exchange for an item I purchased 01.12.2018 [I did not have my receipt]...I paid via card so i asked her to please re-print.

The fact that customer service referred me to her was so upsetting to her, her face was horrible to look at as she could not even smile or greet was so pulled up, like o rotten sour lime.

Is that how customers are suppose to be treated?? The Manager [Mavis] herself was not very pleasant to look at. They all looked so moody and horrible.

They treated me badly and like a monster as they sent me back and forth and was asked about 6 times date of which I did the purchase cause they cannot fiind the slip.

I will never recommend people from purchasing at that store - they are horrible.

Dec 10, 2018

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