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Froedtert Hospital / Cheryl A.Paradise is a liar,She tells people to lie and do her dirty work

1 9200 West Wisconsin AvenueMilwaukee, WI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 414-805-3000

Cheryl Ann Paradise Food Service Supervisor be lying and cheating co-workers out of their hours at Froedtert Hospital, In 1998 she changed the rules on me by making me scrub the food carts that not part of my job, She lied on me and had me written up for something I did not do, She lied on me about me using bad language in the kitchen, I never used bad language in the kitchen at Froedtert Hospital.She lied on my cousin Curtis(DeAndre)Cotton for something he did not do.Cheryl thinks that she all that because she listen to Rock n Roll music, she rides a motorcycle, she lives in a white neighborhood in a white community like South Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Cudahy, Wisconsin, I was doing a good job at Froedtert Hospital until I got fired by her, Bill Coleman, and Karen Parker.After I got fired from Froedtert Hospital in March 1999, Cheryl Paradise lied on me, told the Milwaukee Police and the Milwaukee Sheriff's Department that I was stalking her, and I never stalked her after I got fired.The Milwaukee Sheriiff's Department called me to come down to the station on Watertown Plank Road for that incident, I came down to the station and I got arrested and thrown in jail downtown because of her.I was charged with disorderly conduct in 1999.Cheryl told Nakia Walter, Jacqueline Hucks, Kimberly Taylor, Greg Rhodes, Beverly Goins Sanders to lie on me so that she can see me get locked up in prison!!! They did her dirty work by telling lies on me for things I did not do.I told Ray Reed, Gary Walker, Steve Holland and Taniko White what happened, They talked to Greg Rhodes, Nakia Walter, Jacqueline Hucks and Kimberly Taylor about why would they lie on me and make up lies about me, Greg, Kimberly, Jacqueline, and Nakia told my friends Ray, Gary, Steve, and Taniko that they don't got nothing to do with that.Greg, Kimberly, Jacqueline, and Nakia told my friends that Cheryl told them to lie on me .Nakia Walter messed up my Thanksgiving in November 1998 by lying on me for something I did not do, Nakia Walter told the Bill Coleman that I put a plastic bag over her head trying to sufficate her and lying on me about me trying to lock her in the freezer that's not true and it did not happen, Jacqueline Hucks made me mad and Nakia Walter belived Jacqueline and took her side.In 1999 and 2000 Cheryl Paradise cheated Brian Allen, LaDonna Quick, and the second shift co workers out of their hours after I got fired.That's why co-workers left and quit Froedtert Hospital because of Cheryl Paradise's wrongdoing and wrongful actions.In court I pled not guilty for the disorderly conduct charge, The judge Russell Stamper adjorned the case, In 2000 the judge William Sosnay dismissed the case because Cheryl Paradise and those co-workers did not come to court, In 2000 Cheryl left Froedtert Hospital and got another job working at the Bradley/Beverly Healthcare nursing home where my other cousin Jarriel Cotton was working at, Cheryl did Jarriel wrong and the second shift co workers wrong and got fired.In 2001 Greg Rhodes got fired, Kimberly Taylor got fired in 2003 after supervisor Mark Ash quit, Nakia Walter got transferred to Enviromental Services and Jacqueline Hucks got transferred to Children's Hospital doing transporting so that they won't get fired from Froedtert Hospital and Children's Hospital.Cheryl A. Paradise is a liar!!! She cannot be trusted and She uses people and tells people to do her dirty work to get innocent people thrown in jail and prison!!! Do not work for her as her co-worker and slave!!! Because she is gonna do you wrong like that like she did me at Froedtert Hospital

Jan 5, 2015

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