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1 Pretoria, South Africa Review updated:

Firstly:I recently did a project for the value of R444.00 for a client on After completing the the project the client released the milestone payment and my account was credited accordingly. The client then requested additional work and by mistake indicated the Budget amount as $150.00 instead of $15.00. immediately deducted their 10% project fee ($15.00) from my Freelancer account, which I consider premature, unethical and unprofessional conduct as I haven't even started with the additional work, no milestone payment was yet in place and definitely no payment.
The premature deduction of the project fee for the additional work resulted that I do not have enough money in my account to make a withdraw as there has to be a minimum of $30.00 in my account before I can make a withdraw.
Prematurely deducting project fees purely based on that the freelancer (me) simply accepted a project and before the client could even make a milestone payment and or a final payment, this action is a reflection of greediness on the part of

Secondly: Out of pure frustration I provided the client with my e-mail address. Since then the client cancelled the additional work / project. I then requested a refund of the project fee taken from my account. I suddenly received a formal warning that I violated their T & C's by providing my client with my e-mail address. I do not dispute this and I accept the formal warning. Here is the cherry on the cake, I received an e-mail from a person only known as Liz, informing me that I will not be refunded as took the money as a penalty for violating their T & C"s. There were no mentioned made in the formal warning of any financial penalties. I never heard of a warning and a financial penalty been issued simultaneously for a first violation, how was the penalty amount calculated?

May 28, 2015
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  • St
      24th of Jun, 2015
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    For that matter, I highly suggest that you shoot an email to me through [protected]

    We will try to discuss your concern, and sort out possible ways to resolve it.


  • Fu
      12th of Jun, 2015
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    I think you missed two important points, namely:
    Commission fees are taken before the project has commenced and before the freelancer received payment (before the fact).
    Secondly The formal warning made no reference to a financial penalty, where I come from you first issue a warning and on a second offence you you take more severe actions such as a penalty. Finally I contested the penalty by sending a e-mail to your legal department and guess what--------- they did not even bother to respond or acknowledge receipt of my e-mail, stop trying to hide behind support desks, If you are sincere in trying to address freelancers complaints please post your personal e-mail address

  • St
      10th of Jun, 2015
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    My name is Steven E. from We understand how and where you stand regarding this issue; however, project fees serves as our commission when you use the website to look and find for projects, or freelancers. Just like any organization, this commissions are essential for the further development of our service.

    To further clarify this, you may contact our [protected] by shooting an email to [protected]


  • Re
      14th of Jul, 2017
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    @StevenE Accept the Fact Mr. Greedy (Freelancer team) that your site is the worst place to work on.
    And this site is going to be permanently shut down
    My personal Suggestion Leave this company As it is not going to survive more than A year and if you have certificate of experience from freelancer No body will give you job also .

    You people are doing business only because of indians. Now indians Are going to kick your ***, So stay tuned to see the destruction of

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