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Figueira da Foz, PT

I needed news articles written in native Portuguese so I accepted the offer to do the job from a freelancer that was marked as "recommended" by That's when hell began. I sent her three precise subjects and she told me she would "scan my website" to see the content. After some hours, she submitted articles subjects that had nothing to do with what I asked. I opened a dispute to get a refund, but then she came back with subjects that looked more or less ok. I waited for 1 day, and then got the articles... Oh my! First of all, the articles were written in gibberish English (obviously some automated translation). She said if I was happy she would then "have them translated into Portuguese (another automated translation I guess). I had no choice but to tell her she had to cancel the obligatory milestone payment I made or else I would open a dispute. Luckily she agreed, but her condition was that I didn't leave a bad review on her profile.

Of course, during the process, took fees in every step of this horror (they even take a fee when you cancel a project, after falling into the trap they have prepared for you). And to add insult to the injury, when I tried to withdraw my funds and get the hell away from this site I got a message saying I have to wait 15 days to get my funds back on my PayPal account. I didn't agree, they took my money instantly so there's no reason I have to wait 15 days to get my money back, so I started a complaint with PayPal, which said I had to complain directly with my bank .

So to sum it up: completely unprofessional service, completely inaccurate ratings of freelancers who are mostly dishonest people who hold your milestone payment hostage until you promise them not to give a bad review and the thieves filling their pockets with fees taken on unsuspecting employers and not replying to any support request once they got your money.

But the worse was yet to come... now they locked my account and when I go to the site I get a message saying my account needs to be verified. The thing is there's no explanation, no way of verifying my account. Just some page saying my account is under review and a message board where I'm supposed to post so the customer can assist. Needless to say that I left many messages these last 6 days and didn't get a single reply. Even worse, when they lock your account, they also block the live chat like that you have no way of contacting them. I also created at ticket several days ago and guess what, no answer.

I'd like to report this site to the authorities as of the biggest fraud and scam website I ever saw on the internet. Any help regarding that would be appreciated. I called my lawyer and he will analyze the case on Monday to see what action we can take. If anyone has been scammed, please feel free to leave a message and maybe we can join forces to what kind of scam really is.

Mar 09, 2017

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