FreedomPop / free internet is bs

Their free internet is BS! From May to October 2017 I was charged just over $300! I disputed one monthly charge of $29.98 with my credit card and was reimbursed. The next day I received emails from Freedom Pop stated my account was cancelled and they were sorry to see me go!
Just before I joined I read that once you sign up, go to your account and choose the "Free Plan". There was no such thing! The lowest plan was $13.98, which is fine cause all I need is limited access. I found out I was being charged both amounts per month. In the beginning I bought 1 Wi-Fi device for $19.98, then after checkout was offered and bought another for $9.98. Once received and connected, I would receive emails stating: "We're adding $15 to your account so your service won't be disrupted". All these amounts add up quick!

Nov 17, 2017

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