Freedom Mortgagemortgage statement fees

I all of a sudden got a $555.00 fee added to my mortgage. The fee had no description so I called and questioned. the representatives were so NASTY that they didn't even listen to my complaint. The house caught on fire last year (March 11, 2016) 4 days short of my year in the home ... while I was fighting with my insurance because they claimed they never received my payment, I had to pay to live in hotels until they got it straight, needless to say, I pay Freedom each month onetime so wasn't sure what happened to the payment. I got two months behind on my mortgage due to their mistake and they advised me that they would waive all the fees. I paid my mortgage up to date now here a year later an attorney fee (per the rep) was added. I was unable to make my payment because of these Attorney fees and if I didn't pay my mortgage was going to late. I refused to pay so the rep called me a #### because I ask to speak with a Supervisor once they advised they could take the payment but a $15.00 fee will be charged. Needless to say if I make the free payment online I had to pay the extra $555 but I could pay through them and pay the fee. Why should I pay a fee because of the lack of their communication. I wanted my mortgage paid on time but to be called a #### was unacceptable.

I will be moving my business elsewhere needless to say. Monarch bank was whom my mortgage started out with, these people are ROOFLESS and have no professionalism in their line up. This starts all the way from the top. Why would you wait 11 months to charge me for something you promised you would waive? They also sent me an Escrow check in December of 2016 so why would you send me money if I owed you?

Jan 30, 2017

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