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Fox Pools / Asahi pools / Above ground rusty swimming pool

1 Lancaster, PA, United States Review updated:

We purchased our 26' above ground pool from Fox Pools, Lancaster, Pa. 8 years ago. It came with a 25 year pro rated warranty, this was a major selling point ! this past spring I noticed rust under the top shelf in the pool wall, it didn't look that bad at first but after some light poking and prodding it grew into a fairly sized hole "see pics", I had a professional pool installer look at it and he suggest dismanteling the pool, he said when they rust like that they will eventually burst and that it was a safety risk. Since then I have heard of some other pools bursting due to rust. I have contacted Fox pools many times about the issue and they refused to do anything saying it was the manufacturer's responsibility. The manufacturer is ASAHI POOLS base in New York, they do not have a phone just an e-mail address, I have sent them many e-m's with photo's and never got a reply . If you have an above ground with steel walls please keep a close check on the condition. If you plan on buying an above ground I would reconsider.. Tim from Pa.

Fox Pools / Asahi pools
Fox Pools / Asahi pools
Fox Pools / Asahi pools
Fox Pools / Asahi pools
Fox Pools / Asahi pools


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  • Ty
      5th of Dec, 2011
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    Tim, they are a company based from Japan not new york, they just have a warehouse with warranty parts in new york that is ran by a few guys who take claims over emails to keep records, it's a small company. They have a new guy working for them, I submitted my claim last month and got my new wall for $400 shipped directly to my house and he was very kind. Try emailing him at I think, he is new and he responds quick with the pro rated warranty, he will probably even give you the benefit of the doubt and start your discount coupon based on 2010 since you seem to have not gotten a response, but I did in 1 day it was shipped the next, I was very pleased with asahi support even though they have no phone it's understandable since they are such a tiny company.

  • Kk
      3rd of Feb, 2012
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    tell meabout it mine was only 2yrs old been emailing since april of last yr finally got a response now just playing games with me do not buy one of these!!! also they are not a tiny company

  • Di
      4th of Nov, 2014
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    Tim goto
    You can then contact them about the warranty.

  • Co
      22nd of Aug, 2015
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    I purchased a 15x30 above ground Asahi pool, had it installed 4 years ago and the top seats have rusted already. Due to the age of my pool and the vague description of the part, I emailed the Asahi Parts Department to inquire about my part number, color and compatibility. I specifically stated I needed a Taupe, or off-white top seat and was told by Asahi Parts to order a specific item number, which I did (I ordered 5 top seats). When I received the parts they were Gray top seats. I had specifically said I needed Taupe or off white. When I contacted them, I was told that they sent what I had ordered and the website was clear that the top seats were Gray. The website had no color indicated and the picture looks like it's a black and white photo (which is one reason why I contacted them to confirm the part). They were quite uncooperative other than to say they only had gray top seats and no longer had the Taupe top seats in stock but would give me a store credit for the return (minus shipping). Even after I referred to my emails and their specific direction to order a part number, they refused to accept ANY responsibility for the error. Now I have parts I can't use and a foul taste for their extremely poor customer service. And, there is no recourse - there is no other contact information for the Parts Department management in order to complain. So, beware of their competence and trustworthiness.

  • St
      9th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    I also bought 15x30 2 yesta ago and same thing, he did respond quickly however they are out of stock for the pool walls and only get two shipments a year from Japan? I have been so upset about this whole thing, so very disappointed.

  • Ju
      23rd of May, 2016
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    I purchased a pool not even a year ago from Watson's Pools. After our pool took on wind damage we needed to replace some verticles, top seats and top joints. Much to our surprise Asahi pools didn't have our parts we needed. After emailing them they told me to check back in a few weeks. I thought I found the parts I needed but when they arrived they were not the correct size. I sent the parts back and attempted to order the right parts . After a few incorrect shipments I still don't have the correct parts and Asahi doesn't give refunds only credits. Which does me no good because they don't have my parts and they don't know when they will have my parts. They just got free money, over 300.00 of my money, This place is a joke and needs to be investigated. Multiple complaints against this company and many dissatisfied customers. Buyer beware!

  • Le
      29th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    yes I can relate purchase the ashashi pool a few yrs.back from great escape and nothing but problems, , , buckling and rusting all over this product is garbage..

  • Pe
      2nd of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    My pool is up only 3 seasons and I got a rust hole through. Warranty is terrible. they will give me 65% off retail price plus shipping.. What a joke! On top of which I have to pay someone to do the work. My last pool is 25 years old and still going for a friend of mine. Clearly poor quality product. I will junk the pool before spending allot of money on an inferior product.

  • Ru
      6th of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    My 15X25 was bought in 2010. Last year I replaced all of the top seats due to heavy rust on some. Untreated steel for the top seats? Really? What about aluminum... But anyway. I was able to buy all new resin top seats for a 55% discount (pro-rated warranty) which seem to be much better. This year I have rust stains on my liner all around the inside of the pool at the edges. Turns out the upper rails have rusted thru and the rust is falling into the pool. Now I had to order all new top rails to stop the pool from rusting away.
    I'm not sure if its my fault for allowing my pool to get wet, mby I should keep it inside, since it seems to have a sensitivity to moisture.

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