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I placed my order with Michael on Dec. 29th. The ordering process went smoothly. I was told to expect delivery in 3 weeks. I called 3 weeks later and was told the item was actually on back order from the manufacturer. I wished to cancel my order, and Michael said he'd take care of it. I get a call back stating they would offer an additional $100 off if I would keep the order and wait 3-4 more weeks. I refused and asked for the order to be canceled.

I then received a a series of emails stating my order was now being handled by Augustine, Joanne, Sandy, Nick. After 3-4 days of receiving all these emails, I still had no order cancellation number. I emailed and called again. This time I received an email both from Joanne and Michael that my order has been canceled.

After 7 days I contact the credit card and the charges are still not reversed. I send an email to Michael, Joanne again. This time I receive an email from Steve (Manage) asking Joanne "to process the order ASAP with full refund." 2.5 weeks later and there is still no refund issued.

I have now disputed the charges with the credit card company, and purchased the equipment locally. Stay away from this company, while they appear to be attentive to resolve your issues. It is a bunch of smoke and mirrors to give the customer the run around.

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  • Ca
      27th of Jul, 2007 - sales and delivery!
    United States

    Purchased a recumbent bike and a deluxe upgrade warranty. Several requests failed to secure a copy of the latter. They have a very detailed return policy (make sure to read the fine print carefully. Their delivery policy is also very detailed — inspect, sign for, etc. I was supposed to be notified by e-mail as to the delivery date. That did not happen and they left a $600.00 piece of equipment on my front porch. The box is filled with holes. No one signed for it since no one was home. I requested that they pick it up and they told me I would be charged delivery and pickup charges to the tune of $180.00, which I refused. This is a shyster operation and the customer is never right. Waiting on hold for customer support results in talking to an arrogant, unresponsive person. Don't buy anything at this store. They are totally unreliable and are out to cheat the public.

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  • Da
      15th of May, 2008

    Do NOT buy a product from this company. Sales practices are very deceptive, service after the sale is nearly impossible. The attitude of the service people was very negative. I purchaced a brand new recumbant bike. Parts were defective and the service dept. would not help me at all. No one would return my phone calls. I now have a new bike that doesn't work. Return policy is a joke!!!

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  • Un
      11th of Aug, 2008

    Fitness Club Warhouse is NOT to be trusted. We purchased an elliptical that broke within a week of purchase. This was a $2, 2oo piece of equipment. Customer service is non existant. We have fought tooth & nail to get this machine repaired and after three times - the problem is still there. We are fighting to get a full refund and will take them to court if we need to. Please do not do business with this company - they are crooks and have ZERO customer service.

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  • Ok
      25th of Apr, 2011 - sent defective equipment - won't fix per warranty
    United States

    If I were you I would not order from this site. From my experience the fitness blow out site is misleading and so are the sales people - watch out!

    I ordered a $3750 precor crosstrainer elliptical from in jan. Brad keys told me the "certified remanufactured" precor 576i would be just like new - "all parts inside the motor are replaced with precor only parts" he told me they had 3 left on the floor so order quick. So I paid in full cash almost $4k. Weeks later I still did not have machine. After calling in several times I learned they don't stock machines so there were no 4 left. Brad then told me the machine was coming straight from precor. And he promised it would be a 2017 model. I thought great! At least they will ensure its working great as they build them.

    Couple weeks later the wrong machine was sent. They sent some old piece of crap 7 or 8 year old precor. And it was badily damaged from long use (I have pictures to prove). I refused delivery. Then the nightmare really started. All the way to jim the president. And he acted like they were doing me a "favor" to "absorb" costs shipping back. What? It wasn't my fault it was the wrong machine and even worse in terrible shape! It took weeks for them to send the precor I ordered...

    When I finally got my almost 4 thousand dollar precor the heart rate monitor did not work. When I called in they actually tried to tell me its due to my wireless network. Do you believe that bs. Also in my opinion the resistence wasn't good compared to the exact one I use at the gym. After lots of fighting as they wanted me to take apart machine, etc. They sent a guy out that didn't know how to pronoun "precor" and admitted he had never worked on my model and needed to go home and study the specs download. Fine he still said hr monitor did not work.

    No since I need a new hr monitor card the customer service director martin is saying I have to send in card first then wait for his remanufacturer to send it back to me even though their warranty says a part will be sent to you and then you send back. There entire mantra now is "the remanufacturer calls the shots as we are a middle man - we are not responsiable for customer service as they..." blah blah blah. They act like there did not sell it to me now someone else did. Which is redicilous. I bought it from their site through their sales. I was lied to from the beginning about how the machine was remanufactured (By the way they changed wording on site next to precor 5761 to refrbished now - but I have screenshot when I bought it). They lied were machine was shipped from. They sent wrong machine first. They still have not sent new part to fix a nearly 4 thousand dollar machine I have here that doesn't work correctly. You have to have hr monitoring to stay in zone and make sure hr doesn't get to dangerous levels. And some of the programs on the machine that change resistence and incline automatically per hr results do not work at all. So the machine I have from is worth I guess 50% of what I paid for it - maybe.

    There bbb rating is a b. Not an a like the site said.

    In my opinion I would go somewhere else to buy your exercise equipment.

    My issue went all the way to the president and still did not get fixed per warranty. And they try to say I signed something saying it was a special purchase... And that is why they don't have to live up to warranty that was written right next to product I bought?!?! Talking out both sides of their mouth. I signed nothing saying it was a special order and warranty doesn't apply. I never actually signed anything. So what the hell are they talking about. They act like its someone else's problem and they cannot fix it - like they don't have the power to make things right.

    I will upload pictures later. Below are the pictures of the first piece of crap machine they sent and I refused delivery. It was the wrong model and beat up to hell.

    Stay far away. I might have just saved you thousands and months of complaining on the phone to make things right based on their own promises — all based on sharing my personal dealing with

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  • Re
      10th of Dec, 2015 - stairmaster
    10780 Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 360
    Los Angeles
    United States

    Investagate jim rosen / multiple internet complaints (see /link removed/ 1) ordered a stairmaster 4400pt, received a 4600pt, 4600 pt returned, then recieved a 4400cl (not pt). I want a full refund and they will not give it. I am just writing you a short email because to much of my time has been wasted already; but I feel I the need to voice my concern to you. I ordered a stairmaster 4400pt from you company on sept 30th 2017. 21 days later I recieved the wrong product. at first you distributor was trying to make me keep the wrong product until I put my foot down; but for the next 28th days I had to wait again for my product to arrive (which I was told this 2nd time would be a rush order); during this time I was never given a straight story. finally, my product arrived and the order was wrong again; the wrong product was sent for a second time. again, your people tried to get me to keep it. it was not until I became indignant that I began to recieve help from your customer service people (it took me 8 hours to get help on this day from your people!). now, I am told you guys will get it right but I must wait up to 45 days for my product. at this point I just want a refund. I have contacted my credit card to help me handel this dispute. the product was a stairmaster 4400pt cost $1895.00. but they have sent the wrong product twice. I believe they are trying to make it over 90 days so I can not not get a credit card refund. if the product was in stock why do I keep getting the wrong product. now they say they do not know if it is in stock but they will get it to me. all I want now is a refund. this company and owner are is all over [redacted] worked with company recieved a $200.00 credit and decided to keep the wrong product because they said that they would drag my complaint out at least six months. 3) began to use product and parts were found under the machine after the first use; contacted company again for full refund but they will not give it to me. I am trying to get a full refund. all they do is hang up on me. now, they claim they want the equipment 1st so once they get it they can hit me with multiple fees for returning it. this company needs to be put out of business.

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