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Fitness USA is operating a SCAM ad. My 15 yr old daughter wanted to join for the summer to get in shape so I took her down to Fitness USA at Stonestown San Francisco in June 2009 and I agreed I would be charged $19 a month to month basis - no contracts needed - as stated in their advertisements. I only needed to pay first and last month fees $49.90). My daughter only needed to workout during the summer months because school was out. I made this very clear to the person who signed me up, Jennifer. She said it was not a problem and is very easy - if I really do decide to cancel the membership, I can do so given without paying any penalty fees as long as I give a formal notice 30 days in advance. I had told her I want the lowest and cheapest plan for a student during the summer then she told me she upgraded me to Executive Member for FREE anyways.

I sent my letter to the headquarters to cancel the membership (certified mail). I then received a letter from Fitness USA telling me they are sorry to hear about my cancellation but you now own a monthly fee of $28.95 plus the East Start Amount Due $231.60 (which was a addendum which I did not get a copy ).

I'm going to send a letter to the company explaining the problem.
If no results I guess I'll be in contact with the local TV station "7 on your side" or CBS 5 investigates. Maybe a camera crew and public broadcasting is what Fitness USA needs to shed some light to the consumers on what kind of SCAM they are running...
All my daughter wanted to do was work out and stay healthy.

How could this company be in business for this long?? Those employees should be ashamed!!!

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  • Ju
      Sep 10, 2009

    The same thing happened to me and my daughter. Also At stownstown. I am so upset they get away with this.

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  • Do
      May 19, 2010

    This company is awful. They need to go out of business. The gyms are old and dirty anyways and all of the staff lie.

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  • Xy
      Apr 30, 2011

    I am having the same problems. They lie to you just to get you to sign up to their contract. I would never think that people can lie their way to selling like this. It's not just deceptive they literally tell you false promises and they really only care about your money. They have processes and hidden fees that they do not tell you about. They are so good at hiding their true color and you will only see it once you've signed that contract and started working out there and experience how poor and ridiculous the customer service is. This company really should be looked into. There is some type of anomaly how they can surivive for such a long time operating like this! Maybe some connection with the higher-ups? This gym is just a total RIP OFF!

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