Firestone Complete Auto Caresold tire/product I didn't need

I was traveling on the Turnpike in Palm Beach County Florida when my tire gauge light came on and my tire felt weird. I pulled off the turnpike to the nearest gas station which is right of the turnpike on Boynton Beach Blvd. I tried to put air in the tire but it came out. I called roadside assistance who towed my vehicle to the Firestone located at 9780 South Military Trail, Boynton Beach, FL [protected] by the recommendation of a friend. They examined the tire and told me it could not be patched. I said why? They said we cannot patch it. I even put my coworker a male on the phone he tells him the same thing. I took photos of the tire and again he spoke to my coworker and was told we cannot patch it. Mario the service advisor said i need a new tire. I said so I have no choice but to buy a tire? He insisted they could not patch it. My car does not come with a spare and he knew this. I still could not understand why it could not be patched it was not a side wall etc. Needless to say I had to buy a tire. I then wen to work and showed my coworkers the tire they said there was no reason I needed a new tire (as I thought). I then took the tire to another tire shop and they patched the tire. The tire that Mario said could not be patched is patched and currently on my vehicle. I called Mario back that day on speaker had my boss and another coworker on the phone. My boss said the tire could be patched why wouldn't he do it he said it could not be. Round and round we went. I then contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge. Because not only did they act as though I had no choice but to buy a tire they sold me a new valve kit that I did not need. I am not happy that he sold me a tire etc that I did not need. I feel he was being dishonest and also because I am a woman. I do not feel I should pay for something I did not need. I have photos and invoices showing the tire was patched. I will not let this go. I will never step foot in that store nor recommend anyone go there. I will also contact the BBB.

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    Do not go to this store!

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