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Dear FF:

Today I deleted my Firefox account. Why? Well, when a company goes on a witch hunt and fires someone for a bogus reason, then it's time to select another web browser.

The PR people making the TV talk show rounds are not right - the CEO who supported his beliefs about traditional marriage practiced the same way as Obama and Clinton during 2008. So I get it - you wanted the guy out and this was the unsavory way to do it. But don't use the artificial contradiction of "gay rights vs traditional marriage" as a rational.

History has always shown that the liberals are the first to usher in fascism.

Austin, Texas

Apr 7, 2014
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  • Gr
      7th of May, 2011
    Firefox mozilla - Forced updates to 4.1

    I loved Firefox 3.16 but they have forced 4.1 onto me, even though I have tried to block them.
    4.1 won't work with my printer nor will it show File & Bookmark tooolbar.
    They are going about it the wrong way to get customers

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  • Jo
      7th of May, 2011

    Joan Mann - Wayne Foley Mann Yass NSW .. Read all the juicy details and see the photos about Wayne and Joan Mann of Yass NSW "swingers". Wayne lets other guys "screw" Joan for a "dope" payment.
    Read more and see the pics here

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  • Po
      7th of May, 2011

    How old is your printer?

    Anyways, I'm sorry to say this but Firefox is a free service. You can contact them and give your input but you are not really considered a customer.

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