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My insurance cover is r5000 but vodacom is restricting me to a phone that I do not want that is roughly r1 900 samsung grand prime. They say that is the amount my lost phone was valued at when the phone was discontinued and was replaced by the r1 900 phone.
When I previously claimed they said if I go over the r5 000 insurance cover then I would pay for the extra amount on top of the excess amount. When I got my phone from vodacom, samsung grand neo it was over r3 500 and the phone I had before that was of lesser value than the grand neo and a way different make. I still got my grand neo a higher price than the previous phone.

My question is why am I paying insurance if i'm going to be time this phone they want give me is going to be discontinued and the value of it is going to drop even more.

Why am I being restricted whereby my cover is r5 000???

Feb 14, 2019

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