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Find A Grave technically supposed to be a site where people can remember their departed without a lot of hassle. The problem: By making a memorial you are opening yourself up to non family members (usually bored housewives) who make it their business to criticize your site, claiming the info you have is inaccurate and theirs is. If you tell these people to mind their own business you generally are banned from "Find A Grave." Because these "bored non relatives" are cemetery ghouls. Their whole lives evolve around who can make the most memorials on Find A Grave & get brownie points for doing it. Frankly I find the graveyard ghouls annoying if not disrespectful. Family members do not make memorials for their deceased only to be victims of the cemetery ghoul squad - constantly finding fault/.

Aug 31, 2017
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  • Be
      Aug 31, 2017
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    No... Find a Grave is not "Technically" supposed to be for that. It is owned by Ancestry and is meant to be used to (SHOCK HORROR) FIND A GRAVE of someone. Which is useful in geneological endeavors. The clue is in the name.

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  • Co
      Aug 31, 2017

    "Find A Grave technically supposed to be a site where people can remember their departed without a lot of hassle"
    Find a grave is to assist people in genealogy research.

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  • Li
      Sep 01, 2018

    @Common sense No, not really. It's can be a genealogy resource but it's purpose is to "find, record and present final dispositions from around the world".

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  • Me
      Sep 14, 2018

    While I do agree with you about people contacting us and being very rude about what THEY think is the best way to do it, I am not letting any of them stop me from doing what I am doing. I research very old documents and resources and post the info on findagrave. Family most of the time is appreciative of what I do. I use my money, resources and time to make sure a person remembered for future generations. There are many people on [censored] that are the rudest people I have ever met, but thank God that there are way more nice people on there. [censored] does correct, chastise and remove those who need to be told how to behave. I do not just care about my family but I care about everyone's family and I try to post info that I know that they would never see if I didn't post it.

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  • El
      Oct 17, 2018

    Personally I have to agree with you. On this site everyone has a middle name, a nick name and different dates then the marker states. I find adding different names than what is on the marker to be completely disrespectful of what names the departed and the family that paid money for that marker.

    Yes, after changing I have several times heard from real family who let me know that if they wanted that name it would be on their marker.

    I would just love for someone to send me a correction on my mothers middle name, which by the way is simple enough to find on her birth certificate. Her middle name caused her so much pain, that neither I or my brother knew it until she died and I ordered her Birth record.

    BEWARE, if you refuse too many corrections, even if by simply asking for documentation or source you will get a nice little email from the site admins

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  • Ja
      Nov 28, 2018

    @Eliz Olmstead Getting the "nice little email from the site admins" is ridiculous - I guess they would rather we blindly accept garbage than have accurate meaningful memorials. It sure has gone downhill...

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  • Pi
      Feb 05, 2019

    Are these complaints for real? It looks like the same nut wrote most of them using different names.

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