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FIDO / bad and very rude customer service disrespectful

1 700 West Georgia StreetVancouver, British Columbia, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 604-609-6622

I once went to pay my invoice at the Fido store, I waited in line for so long, when it was my turn the clerk
is really rude, instead of saying something like "sorry for the long wait"
he just said to me "Next" "Because there are long lineups
you should go pay the bill at the bank"
As a loyal customer to Fido, I always pay my bills on time (except when they send the invoice later after due date
on purpose and the local bank made a mistake by sending my payment to the previous account profile.. I still get hit by Fido for late payment charges... which is $2.15)

then I proceed to ask if he could cancel the Value Pack for me, he said that I should call Fido, his excuse is normally they would
do it for customers but because of long lineups.. he cannot do it what?? if I say that to customers in my job, I'd surely get reprimanded or fired..
wait a minute he treated me as if I am not a Fido customer anymore.. worse than a dog...

Seems like he is a poorly trained young worker,
Is this how the Fido staff treat its loyal customers, I can't believe it after many years with Fido...

I am really upset. as I have waited in line for long time
I have always been a loyal customer to Fido and I don't deserve to be treated like this (What happened to the promise to follow through with customers with a promise and make them happy.."customers is always right") I should have asked for his name tag and speak to his supervisor...

I would request them cancel the hated 2 year contract immediately, and unlock the phone or buy a new unlocked one.

anyone who still have Fido contract, I strongly suggest you to either cancel (not really recommended because of possible ECF fees.. you have to waste your time dealing with their poorly trained staff to argue about it)
or sell them at as they will grab every dollar, nickel and dime you with every opportunity they can get with their wicked schemes like telemarketing.
Do NOT go with Fido/Rogers, do NOT.

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      10th of May, 2009
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    I just found this company That will help you reduce your bill If Fido refuses. IF you did it and didn't realize it would be that expenssive.(long distance roaming, INTERNET DATA over minutes. etc etc
    THey bassically negociate for you, know the laws in canada (Including Quebec) and will help you reduce your bill even though Fido, Rogers, Telus, or BELL refuses.

    send an email

  • Ab
      2nd of May, 2013
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    I had similar experience today, waited in freezing line almost half an hour, very rough young sales, he talked even louder than me, no any apologize, I told him I 'll complain you, he said "go ahead" sounds so proudly. I also asked his name and staff number, he said "k.e.n", each alphabet with hand knock on the table, he is a gangster, how come Fido hired him?

  • Ta
      11th of Mar, 2016
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    Once I went to Fido store to buy a iphone screen protector. The girl at the cashier pick up the product for me. While she was doing the transaction, I asked if she would apply the protector for me. SHE NODDED. After the transaction was done, she just handed the product to me so I asked again if she can apply the protection for me. She pointed at another clerk with several people waiting in front of him and said: they can help you" and she started to chat with her colleague. I waited in the line. When its my turn I went close to the counter, the clerk starts using his computer and totally ignored me. I said " excuse me, I wonder if you can apply this screen protector for me." He said: hey it's not your turn yet!" I said I've been waiting in the line for a while and apparently the customer in front of me just left. He said " I am not applying for you!! because if there's any bubbles you are going to complain!!" with very loud and rude tone. I said the girl told me that he can do it. He said again even louder " If I apply, you are going to complain if there's any bubble!! OK I can do it, but you cannot complain if there's any bubble!!" with very rude an intimidating tone. They really could tell me you don't provide the service at the first place. That's my first time and only time going to that store. It's been a while ago, but every time I walk by that store, the very unpleasant experience recalls.

  • Ca
      19th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    They sold me a Blackberry and when it started to discharge in a hurry they told me it wasn't their issue, it was mine. I asked to talk to someone at their office and got a jerk who said the same thing but told me if I took out a three year contract they'd give me an iPhone free. I asked to talk to his supervisor and got an incredibly rude woman who told me it was my problem, Fido wasn't going to help.
    I switched to Virgin and have had no issues since.

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