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Feature Films For Families / Excessive Phone Calls

1 5286 South Commerce DriveMurray, UT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 801-284-7386

Used to buy stuff from them all the time in the 1990's, then did not hear from the company for several years. Suddenly hear from them on my cell phone (which I didn't have back then) in Fall 2008. Bought a couple of re-edited movies- not original productions like they used to sell.

Got a nasty phone call from some woman at the call center about 2 weeks later, saying she was calling to 'settle a bill". It was not even overdue! I said to take my number off the list, DO NOT call again.

Got calls several times a week all through Holiday Season, came to a head yesterday when I received 10 CALLS in a 12 hour period. I did not answer any of the calls, just IGNORE. They called me 2 times before noon today. I called their 800 number and said I wanted top be removed from their database FOREVER, DO NOT call me again. Woman named Melissa veerified the name on the acccount and said my number had been removed from the list. We'll see...

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      29th of Oct, 2008
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    I have received more than 15 calls over the past week from this company (which I used to like!). They use multiple phone numbers with varying call IDs, some which are very misleading, for example: Ryan and Andrea, Dave and Brenda, Jesse and Britn. I have purchased films from them in the past but not for quite a while (maybe 2 years?). I will not take any more calls from them because they are very aggressive and won't let you say "no". I have a list of 32 phone numbers which I have searched and identified as Feature Films for Families. I will gladly supply this list if it is useful to anyone else!

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      4th of Mar, 2009
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    I am sorry that you got so many phone calls from Feature Films. The fact that you got numbers with peoples names on them came from an antiquated time when we were matching agents to the phone numbers we were calling out on and we simply never changed the numbers to have different name on it when we no longer were using those people to call. A sever mistake on our part that I think we have fixed at this point. I actually enjoy this sight because it help us know what we can do better. We do not mean to call excessively though it is easy for us to do. I like to think that we did not get a hold of you 15 times rather it was just 15 times we called in a week, which may seem excessive, and we are reviewing a better calling algorithm now, was just us trying to get a hold of you ( I hope ).

    The purpose of Feature Films is really not to bother people. Unfortunately to communicate with people you have to bother them, trust me if there were another way we would take it, goodness nowadays even commercials on television are a bother ( tivo skip anyone? ) . It is easy in this day and age to forget about things even when we have the best of intentions of doing them. The only reason we call is to remind people about what it is we are doing, trying to provide an alternative to Hollywood. This is not to say Hollywood does not produce amazing things. But my belief is that while Hollywood produces entertaining films they are missing something that perhaps we want but forget about because we get so little of it. Feature Films produces entertainment that if you let it, will touch you, will help remind you what is really important in life, will help you remember what is important. A few of my Favorites are 'Jumping For Joy', 'The Ghost of Dickens past', and 'The Velveteen Rabbit'.

    We do not mean to harass though in this day in age of being able to track every phone call you receive it may seem that way. A decade ago odds are you would not have even noticed us calling because there would have been no record, we would have gotten a hold of you and you would not have even known the lengths to which we had to go to actually get a hold of you on the phone. Now a days you can just look at the missed calls and see that we had to call 15 times before you picked up.

    We are trying to change with the times, I promise we are. I apologize for any problem, we are trying our best. I know how frustrating and in a sense betrayed it may have felt like for you. Again I am sorry I know Feature Films is trying to get it right. Things just go wrong on occasion.

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      25th of Jun, 2010
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    Feature Films for Families is a great company that does what it can to ensure customers are treated with the utmost respect. All requests to be canceled or taken off of the calling list are COMPLETED HONORED. Also as a company FFFF records and monitors employees interactions with customers on a daily basis. Employees found disrespecting customers or doing inappropriate things on the phone are dealt with immediately. Of course the company cannot catch all problems but they do what they can to minimize the number of issues. As for the “recording” spoke about, Feature Films does use a recorded message to communicate with its customers, however a live employee is always on the phone with each customer. The reason some employees use the recording systems is because with a prerecorded message management is able to control what is being said to each customer. If an employee is having a bad day, not feeling well or even if they have speech impediments or heavy accents, the program still allows for customers to get the same clear and concise message each time. Feature Films for Families truly is a great company that provides a needed service to communities across the country. Biased statements like these from a disgruntled former employee should not sway anyone on the good this company is doing for our nation!

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      7th of Nov, 2012
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    It is now four years later, and it would seem that Feature Films has still not gotten it right, even in the face of lawsuits from Verizon and the FTC. They still use multiple numbers to call from that are still misleading (though most of them do include FFFF somewhere in the ID). To make it worse, our family has never used this company before and we are on the Do Not Call list, so these are illegal blind calls in an attempt to harbor business. Their way of skirting the law now is to ask for charity donations to their company in addition to trying to sell you DVD's, since blind calls from charities are still legal. I read somewhere that they also work off of leads from previous customers, but they can't use that excuse for our family. The name they ask for when calling is not the name that our friends and family know us as (I go by my middle name, even though my phone number is listed under my given name).

    While I respect the values the company touts in the videos they offer, they need to extend these values to their business practice and realize that most people don't want to be bothered by sales calls in their homes - this is why they're on the DNC list to begin with! Their reasoning that they call so often in order to catch you at home is, as Innocentious says in his reply above, antiquated as well. In our home, as with many families I believe, we do not answer phone calls from numbers we do not recognize. We let the answering machine grab it, and if it's something we're interested in or something important, we will return the phone call. Feature Films does not leave messages though, they just continue to bother you at all times of the day (one time at 9:00 PM) by calling again and again.

    My suggestion to them is: in the face of the adversity of modern FTC regulations on phone calls, why not attempt another line of reaching customers. Internet ads are a great choice if you ask me, they could reach a massive amount of people, while at the same time avoiding the strife of lawsuits and angry phone patrons all together.

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      20th of Mar, 2013
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    I've been having the same problem. Except i have NEVER had any association with this company before EVER.
    I know what this is---



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