Feature Films for Families, Inc. / persistent phone calls

5286 S Commerce Dr, Murray Utah, United States
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Thirty years ago I was delighted to receive films from this company for our daughters and continued to order for our grandchildren. In 2013 when we were care giving for our mothers, I asked the calls to stop. This morning after getting off work at 3:00 AM I received a wake up call from this company at 8:30 AM. I am on the Do Not Call Registry, I have asked for the calls to stop and yet they persist. I regret that I gave out friends' names to help with their cause and mission, because now they too are receiving the harassing phone calls. Sadly, a company that wants to promote healthy family living does not honor those families that have patronized them for years. Our mothers both died in 2013 and we wanted to spend our time with them, not running to answer the phone only to be harassed. I believe I will report this to the Ohio State Attorney General. Please stop the calls.

Dec 16, 2015

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